Digital Ideas For International Women’s Day

Digital Ideas For International Women’s Day 2021

Every year on March 8, people everywhere the globe celebrate International Women’s Day. This holiday may be a time to watch the social, political, economic, and cultural achievements of girls, and to reflect on how far we’ve come. It’s also a time to acknowledge what proportion farther we still must go. The struggle for equality could be a continuous battle and one that needs the collective efforts of everyone – not just women.

 The World is filled with challenges, but a woman has her own battles that she chooses to challenge & succeed. This Virtual International Women’s Day is all about encouraging them & lending a hand to her choice of challenges. #ChooseToChallenge Women’s Day Celebration Ideas How will you help forge a gender-equal world? Celebrate women’s achievement through a Digital Women’s Day Celebration. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality today as a TEAM together. International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, political achievements of women, economic, & cultural significance. This day every year marks a call to action for leveraging gender parity, to encourage equality. Significant activity is witnessed as stereotypic groups come together to celebrate women’s achievements or rally for women’s equality.


Why Celebrate International Women’s Day

Marked annually on March 8th, International Women’s Day (IWD) is one of the most important days of the year. We have listed some of our digital international women’s day celebration ideas that you can host in your organization. Whether hosting an event, running a campaign, launching an initiative, reporting on achievement, donating to a female-focused charity, or more – there are many ways groups and individuals can mark International Women’s Day.

  • Understanding the underpinned notion of this day, has helped us guide through.
  • Identifying, celebrating and increasing visibility of women’s achievements can help forge equality
  • Strategic collaborations based on a foundation of shared purpose, trust and appreciation can impact positive change for women
  • Worldwide awareness-raising via meaningful narratives, resources and activity can help combat gender bias and discrimination to accelerate gender parity

5 Corporate Virtual International Women’s Day Celebration Ideas

These Digital times has brought us together, & celebrating Virtual International Women’s Day has now become a growing need for all Corporate. Some of the Team Engagement programs are enlisted below. Inspirit has also curated its employee engagement ventures under 3 criteria as per one’s requirement.

  1. Physical & Nutritional Wellbeing
  2. Mental & Inner Wellbeing
  3. Financial Well-being

Apart from these broad initiatives, we have hand-picked some of our favourite digital international women’s day ideas for this season.

i. Escape Room- Compete to Collaborate

This is an interesting plot, where Successful Women from all across industries come together to find the secret blend to make every woman on the planet a Super Woman with Magical Powers. While these women were close to finding a solution, a large pharma company abducted them. This is when you come into the picture, we would want you to rescue them, while all the teams collaborate together to unveil the secret recipe to the world. Sounds interesting? This escape room challenge springs leadership qualities of the women in the organization. #ChooseToChallenge

ii. Mental & Inner Well Being

There are several ways you can support your employees’ & mental well-being is one of them. The first step to beating the stigma is to stop treating the topic as a taboo but look at ways to bring awareness around the notion. Our experiential workshops include solutions that help the employee relieve their stress & take care of themselves a little more meaningfully. Read more: Improving your Inner Well Being: Life Transforming Experience

iii. Health & Nutrition Needs for Women

Rising concerns about health complications & other lifestyle ailments have increased the demand for a healthy lifestyle. WFH has induced a lot of physical strain in our regime. So let’s step back to square one to strengthen our immune system, get back to shape, & alter our nutritional intake as we work towards a magnified vision of boosting business productivity.

iv. Fun Sustainability Workshop

A working woman is always challenged with the various tasks to work as well as their homes. This eco-friendly & fun workshop will help your life easy! From growing your own therapeutic microgreens to making your own bio cleaners, to bio-hacks that can be a new jolly hobby! For either growing your own Microgreens or proudly brewing Bio-enzymes to use them as cleaning agents.

v. The Power of YOU

A Virtual scavenger hunt brings the best of both the worlds: it’s a frolic, entertaining, team building engagement, made easy by digital technology that streamlines the process. A digital scavenger hunt to celebrate Virtual Women’s day gives you the opportunity to explore within as well as with the team, while integrating fun concepts and activities for the employees who participate.

The Inspirit WayThe workshops suggested are carefully designed to meet the needs of the digital ecosystem. We ensure to encapsulate fun, refreshment, knowledge & an overall gala experience during the execution of the virtual event. Understanding the current needs of the situation, the session mentioned above are the utmost needs of the hour explicitly designed to honour, encourage, motivate & celebrate every challenge a woman chooses to battle.

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