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Inspirit focuses on offering creative, convenient & trustworthy solutions for Employee Engagement, Team Activities and Experientail Workshops. Indulge in our Enlivened Team Experiences with Inspirit by your side. Contact us now for a free quote & more customized plan details. Let’s Do it – ‘The Inspirit Way!’



We deliver fun, synergetic and productive team activities and offsite programs



From fun celebrations to exciting workshops, we help you in employee engagement



Activities that bring teams working in hybrid or work-from-home format, closer together

Client Testimonials

Specializing in Employee Engagement, Team Outing, Corporate Outbound Training and Virtual Events. We are Purposefully driven with a vision to create awesome work environments that boost employee potential & productivity!

  • …..team was instrumental in guiding us through the planning process. Each team member demonstrated tremendous skill and conducted business in a professional manner. Event Management and planning stayed one step ahead of the planning process and met each and every deadline. I was more than impressed with your team’s ability to plan an event at a short notice…..

    Tata Motors
  • …..We were impressed with the quality of service offered by Inspirit. They quickly understood our needs, created a customized solution and delivered a great experience for our Emerging Leaders. What stood out with Inspirit was their superior customer focus, the benchmarks they set for themselves and their genuine endeavour to add value to the partnership. 95% of the participants rated the event as excellent or very good….

  • ……..thank you so much for all your hard work, your flexibility and diligence in pulling together a very successful event. We’ve had great feedback from all our riders, top level managers, it has been considered a massive success all round. That’s quite an achievement given the complexity of what we pulled together. It was a pleasure working with you. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future………..

  • ……..a perfect balance of learning and fun which helped us bond better then ever with our colleagues, whom we now call friends. The meticulously designed activities ensured the team realises its strength and weakness and move in the direction which yielded results. Our special thanks to the crew for their constant support and availability at any given point. Kudos to the entire crew of Inspirit who made this possible for us………

    Narayana Health
  • …..thank you and your team for helping us plan and execute the Hopscotch Annual Party! It was a fun day and everyone enjoyed! Thank you for putting in so much efforts for your 50th client!  🙂 Thanks a ton for organising a wonderful event, images have come out great and looking at images each moment is relieved 🙂 You guys rock. Amazing team @Inspirit…..


Your questions, answered

What are Employee Engagement Solutions?

Our Employee Engagement Experts are swift to offer you the best from our bunch of amusing and impactful solutions. We take care of your designers, developers, speakers, programmers, managers, analysts, and every hard working employee under the sun. With such diverse portfolios in your office, we bring the best solution that would accelerate the training and development process. Inspirit’s solutions are innovatively crafted with variation in perspective for you to choose the best-fit for your organisation. We think of every employee and chalk out activities accordingly. Whether we organise corporate team outing or any seasonal offsite team building activities, our team ensures to boost competitive mind-set by instilling positive approach and healthy competition, providing a platform to every employee to nurture. Helping organizations to craft impactful and memorable experiences is our mission!

What are Corporate Outbound Training Programs?

After all the tight schedules, it’s essential to give yourself & your team some time to rejuvenate for the next season. A thrilling experience in the woods with your team helps to strengthen team bonding and gives them a perfect opportunity to communicate, collaborate and unwind outside the workplace. Join us for an exciting, creative experience during this team outbound! Step into a unique, immersive space and explore your creativity! Hit the bulls eye, with our curated set of team building activities for your employees to initiate employee engagement. Experience this fun filled team outing, because it’s not just about team building, it’s about building a purposeful bond amongst your army. After all the series of work, meetings, conferences & targets, your employees deserve a break from the monotonous life. We know it’s difficult to manage work – life balance in a busy city like yours. Grab this opportunity to take experiential learning to a new destination.

What does In-office Employee Engagement Mean?

Escape from the corporate conduct, to unwind yourself into a free atmosphere. It’s not always necessary to go to the outskirts, but Inspirit can make full use of your spacious corporate pemise & alleys, for your workforce to indulge in an in-office employee engagement venture. It’s time for a quick break. Assemble all your employees for this enthusiastic session, to leverage their bond and cherish their connection with their fellow employees as well as the organization. A well-planned team building session conducted in-office helps to strengthen team integrity and gives them a perfect opportunity to communicate, collaborate and unwind in the workplace. This season stimulates your employees productivity by planning a team building activity in- campus. The well-balanced session includes high energy programs to foster workplace productivity. The program will deliver an experiential zone to promote Improved Performance, Leadership Skill Development, boosts Collaboration, Productivity, and Creativity in your work environment.

What are Virtual Team Engagement Activities?

Virtual employee engagements are the new normal of team building. Inspirit’s unique conduct has now expanded to digital team building while uplifting  your work from home experience to make it exciting, engaging and experiential for you! From monthly engagement activities to virtual team building, festive celebrations to sports tournaments and gamified programs. Connecting employees across the country under one roof has only become feasible only through the Digital medium. Your remote locations needn’t be omitted anymore. Show your employees you care – they’ll appreciate you for his or her voice being heard! The traditional workplace is undergoing transformation to make workforce engagement an everyday experience.

How to arrange Corporate Team Building Games?

Companies are concerned more about balancing the intelligence and emotional quotient of the employees by organizing various Team Building Programs. This initiative has not only helped employers but also the employees to learn and understand each other well. These corporate activities like conducting corporate Team Building games have drastically changed the working environment from being a monotonous, unhealthy one to an engaging, healthy, and productive one. More and more businesses are bound to realise how important it is to include the employee’s performance graph while we celebrate a year’s hard work. A corporate family shows you are more than a staff, you are a team, you are a friend, & we are all one family! Since, employees tend to spend most of their time in office cubicles, this perfect gateway merges by balancing out an ideal lifestyle.

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