Improving your Inner Well Being: Life Transforming Experience

Focus on Your Inner Well-Being to Unlock Your Full Potential

I’m Vaishnavi Rajendra, a name that you would see as an active member in Inspirit Preach events. The First Webinar I attended was conducted by one of the most wonderful Inspirational Personality Vandanaa Nenighal Ma’am. I am currently happily teaching in The Legendry Woman’s Sudha Murty’s Trust- Gyan High School in Hubli. As a teacher myself, I have known the importance of Learning & Development for the aspiring minds that Inspirit has rightly called Wisdom.

Motivating Words of Wisdom

I am willing to share this wonderful experience that I had an opportunity to indulge in through Inspirit’s Preach events. I came across this chance to sharpen my knowledge through my cousin, who got to about the same through her colleagues in her German class. She suggested I join this Brilliant Program, Webinar Event hosted by Vandana Nenighal Ma’am. The subject was ‘How to Strike a Balance between The Soul, Mind and the Body, Unlock one’s full potential, and How to harmonise between the soul and the Work. The tips she shared will help us to Successfully Performance in the workplace happily, & calmly. Nowadays we see, at Business Forums, there are HR groups, employees, and core sector managers who face many problems, that undergo the consequences of pressure, and tensions always. Vandanaa Ma’am energised us and she Suggested us few hacks that will help us figure out clutter, during times of need.  Here are a few pointers, I could derive & add to.

  1. Do Focused work. Carry a Clear Mind & get rid of the unnecessary clutter.
  2. Be Cheerful. Keep our minds and soul Happy & Calm while working. No work is more important to lose your calm.
  3. Don’t carry burdens. Forgive & Forget is the key!
  4. Talk Openly to the Managers, employee colleagues, and respected senior colleagues. Make expectations clear
  5. Expand your thoughts and views Fearlessly.
  6. Fuel positive energy to the mind and carry your own ideas. Focus on it & drive the ideas.
  7. Meditation is the main Medicine for the mind. Do not regret the decision you ever made.

In the meditation. Clear the problems, in professional life if you do mistakes say Sorry, clear the mistakes and then sit calmly as things will move on, just by themselves. All of us have to always collect beautiful memories from the Human beings we meet to glorify our hearts. So I remind myself every day to focus on one thing. Don’t blame yourself forgive the mistakes.

Motivating Virtual Event Experience

Vandana ma’am gave us Small Meditation Exercise set, to understand & dissect every reaction we give that truly enriched me. Give yourself some time, talk to yourself, breathe at the moment and declutter the problems. I cheered up that very day, I know there is no reason to worry. It’s not very late to forgive or start anew. So let’s start to stay positive from now on!

I typed in the chatbox for the very first time in an online event! Surrounded by Online colleagues, I felt stronger to put forth my opinions, reactions, and responses. That’s an Aha moment! I could immediately Switch off my shyness easily, it seemed that I felt like a butterfly. I overcame My Complexity and crossed the boundaries to carry myself Successfully to where I am today. So I big thanks to Vandana Ma’am. Now I have realized that I have tremendous capabilities. This calibration was much needed to let go of the unnecessary burdens & by pushing myself to successfully platform uplift my talent. It was indeed my first digitally interactive experience! I’m always thankful, and grateful to Inspirit was giving all of us a great platform to share, learn, contribute & thrive during these tough times.

I will now wear a New Prolific look and I am so happy. Such a life-changing experience that  I wish everyone could experience before. A big thank-you to Aniruddha Sir and Vaibhav Sir for arranging this curated session.

The Inspirit Way

Improving your Inner Well Being is very important in this hustle & bustle of life. Our View on conducting Inspirit Preach event has been rightly stated by Vaishnavi, through this wonderful blog. We have always aimed to give a notch higher to our event attendees be it in terms of engagement, interaction with speakers, contributing to the idea pool, etc. Inner Wellbeing has definitely been one of the events filled with experiential activities. Our Transformational Trainer Vanadanaa has always highlighted pearls of wisdom in her preach events. Update yourself with our upcoming events.

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