‘Mee Sindhutai Sapkal’ – Motivating Every Wonder Women

‘Mee Sindhutai Sapkal’ – Motivating Every Wonder Women

‘Mee Sindhutai Sapkal’ is a realistic film, filled with the worst instances of Sindhutai’s life that practically highlights her battle for survival and her chronicle towards victory. This is a piece of uplifting cinema! This Global theme is really heart-warming as it touches every heart that admires a self-sacrificing individual in the society.

When you face the adverse circumstances in your life, never be afraid of misfortune, instead turn them into positive and make it desirable by doing something larger than life – ‘When life gives you lemons make lemonade’. Problem is the way to succeed but the most important connecting factor in between them is the solution and that solution is You! Sometimes when we live in an orthodox society who follows bad customs, has diabolical rules, unlawful beliefs that do exploitation of your thoughts, violate your basic right to education, the only solution left is your belief in you! ‘Mee Sindhutai Sapkal’ film based on the autobiography of well-known social worker ‘Sindhutai Sapkal’. The film ‘Mee Sindhutai Sapkal’ has created waves at various film festivals in India and abroad. This is an inspirational story of an ordinary woman who goes through traumatic life and still like Phoenix, she reaches extraordinary heights by sheer grit.

“There was a flower but I could not smell it,

It rained but I didn’t get drenched,

The moon was sparkling but I couldn’t take a bath!”

This are the lines spoken by Sindhutai when she describes her life. Twelve-year-old ‘Chindi’ (Ragamuffin) born in poor, cattle grazing family. She spent her childhood, grazing buffaloes and whenever she gets a chance, she used to run in a nearby school. but due to her mother’s and social beliefs, chindi give up her education after 4th grade. and she settles down for an early marriage to a man more than twice her age. Her passion for the discipline of reading and learning new things continued even after her espousal. With the notion of living in a male dominant society that cannot accept a female being more educated than the husband blocked her ways. The result of misinterpretation is the hands of destiny put Sindhu Tai through adverse conditions when she’s nine months pregnant. While she escaped the snares of her broken marriage, Sindhu Tai witnessed two failed attempts on her suicidal thoughts.

But then she gathers courage and decides to face the world. Hence, This is the ‘journey of survival’ as Phoenix is symbolic of the sun, which “dies” in setting each night only to be reborn in rising the next morning. Let’s Celebrate Womanhood in our Corporates because every working woman deserves it.

Big Idea 1

शिक्षण म्हणजे नुसतं लिहिणं वाचणं नाही!

जिंदगीत आपल्या जीवाला वाटंल, मनाला पटंल तेच करत राहणं हे पण शिक्षण झालं!

Education is not just about reading and writing!

But it’s about doing what your soul feels and what your mind thinks!

“Education is one of the surest ways to escape from poverty”. Many individuals have taken this way in their odyssey of life. Sindhutai was no exception as she’s very passionate about her education and has a great desire for learning, she has passed her 4th std. without attending fulltime school because of buffalo grazing. Consequences in her life abounded her from education. Her father always wants to educate Sindhutai. The father visiting his daughter’s place after her marriage and admitting the guilt of not offering her further education and gives him a lesson that highlights the dialogue above.  Like the incident where he advised his daughter that you don’t need school to take education, instead you learn from your experiences and act accordingly. Listen to your inner voice; it’s the strongest and a natural source of education. A lesson given by her father is definitely the strength of raising her voice against injustice in society.

Big Idea 2

मंझिल बहुत दूर है, जाना वहाँ जरुर है, रास्ता मुश्किल है, मरना मंजूर है।

The destination is far away, but it is necessary to go there,

The path is difficult, but also it is acceptable to die for.

What makes an icon stands out is the ability to set a goal and achieve that goal. A goal is a destination as it is a purpose, intention, aim, objective or target. Every icon has a destination he wants to reach and place that he wants to get to. The incident in the movie Mee Sindhutai Sapkal where destiny put her through failure, she tries to attempt suicide but couldn’t do it and stopped by the cries of her infant daughter. Then she gathers courage and decides to face the world. While she starts wandering from places to places, singing ballads in praise of God and goodness, she starts adopting orphan girls from the railway stations and streets and gives them a home. This is the only thing that propelled Sindhutai in the forward direction as she already lost in the battle of life. This gives her a lifelong destination to her life as her goals were her driving force. She expresses that, “Since I became an orphan, I saw the suffering of orphans.” and while getting her destination she faces the main obstacles of womanhood, youth, and living on the streets. This goal inspires her despite of the obstacles all around her. Whenever he wants to give up, she keeps seeing the destination of her true expectations; her Goals! Her biggest achievement that she would count on was her commitment to the orphanage that made her wipe out all her previous failures.

Big Idea 3

हमसे ना तू खाँने की ना पिने की बात कर ,मर्दो की तरह इस दुनिया में तू जिने की बात कर।

जिस मातृभूमी के गोद में अरे तू पलां, जिस पवित्र भूमी पे तू घुटने बल चला,

उस फटें आँचल को सिने की बात कर, मर्दो की तरह इस दुनिया में तू जिने की बात कर।

Everyone should have gratitude towards his country!

These were the exact lines that Sindhutai spoke in her speech while she expressed her gratitude towards her motherland, as she greeted her assemblies. Everyone should have gratitude towards our country! – With the tremendous amount of hard work, Sindhutai put towards her humanitarian effort of adopting orphan children. After many years of serving the needy, Sindhu is now known as Sindhutai (Mai). She offered shelters to over thousands of kids and established 3 ashrams that can do the same. She believes that one has to always be grateful to the nation that suffered in the past, to give every citizen & the future generation life & prosperity. It is our duty to hand over an enriched heritage we have inherited from our ancestors. Another important aspect to show gratitude towards our nation is to speak up against inhumane behavior. Protests that can constructively change our national norms can also be a form of gratitude, rather than accepting what comes our way. Showing active co-operation towards nature, humanity, non-violence, etc does count in the long run. A wonderful narrative has worked wonders in the film Mee Sindhutai Sapkal!

Big Idea 4

भाषण है, तों राशन है।

Nothing can be achieved without hard work!

Hard work is the key to success in all aspects of life. We cannot blindly achieve our dreams without putting in efforts. It’s only through persistent action can a dream materialize. Dreams cannot be fulfilled through magic, but requires Grit, Determination & hard work. The route towards success has to surpass the hard work at some point. Today, Sindhutai is a proud Mother to more than 100 orphaned children! Sindhutai’s main source of income towards the livelihood of the orphans is by giving speeches to assemblies & other NGOs or social platforms that could raise funds. She firmly believes in the ideology of “Bhashan hai to Rashan hai!”


“Most of us living a life with missing bit because our expectations are never fulfilled. We never appreciated the fortune we were born with as compared to many of them in this world who do not. To let go of our aims and goals, as we cry over spilled milk does not help us to move beyond grief. A better alternative is to fight with obstacles in your life and consistently work hard to achieve it. It’s better late than never. This biopic has loads of lessons to convey especially in this materialistic world. Sindhutai even when surrounded by poverty, served other deserted children with the crumbs she had gathered for her child. It also reminds an epic line of Sindhutai- “The mother is who comes to grief, but who takes the pain is ‘Mai’. Today, Sindhutai Sapkal with the benchmark of humanitarian venture says if there is someone who needs a mother ‘Mee Sindhutai Sapkal’, is always there to offer a helping hand.

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