Corporate Wellness Activities

Immerse your employees into an Employee Health and Corporate Wellness culture with an Educational Workshop. Experience the goodness of Physical & Mental wellness through our Fitness Trainers’ Consultation session specially designed for suiting your corporate environment. An introduction to nutrition, the importance of macronutrients, metabolism, managing weight, & corporate lifestyle are some of the constructive sessions that can be curated for your team. We combine Fitness training, Wellness Programs & team bonding, as we blend fun ice-breakers, energisers & some minute-to-win-it games as fillers for the event. An energetic, serene, peace of mind exposure is waiting for you, as our fitness facilitators lead you to restore your mind and physical well-being. Our Corporate Wellness session is a bundle of high-energy in the midst of a hectic day and helps your team to maintain their physical health and restore their alertness and peace of mind.

Employee Health & Wellness Programs

Rise above all corporate clutter, because your hard working employees deserve a break. Deepen your experience and appreciation of life through some simple daily practice of heartfulness & meditation. We assure you a calm state of mind, peaceful self-care, & serene vibes for your employees. Surround yourself with people with the same goals as you, feel the vibrations from the crowd, amplify your own, and improve the overall experience. It’s essential to give yourself & your team some time to rejuvenate for the next season. Group meditation is the untapped team building activity to strengthen the mind & body. We offer a diverse variety of fitness & wellness sessions like diet chart, nutrition session, medical health check-ups, etc. based on the current need of the corporate for their employees. The program will deliver an experiential zone to promote Improved Performance, Introspection Skill Development,  boosts productivity, and Creativity in your work environment.

1 Year Organization Fitness Plan
Corporate Yoga & Wellness: A fun employee engagement
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Business Storytelling – For Effective Performance
Inner Wellbeing
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Christmas Treats
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