Desktop Yoga Practice – A Perfect Stress Buster

Desktop Yoga Practice – A Perfect Stress Buster

A healthy workforce directly translates to increased business productivity and decreased employee stress levels. Thus, Inspirit’s Corporate Yoga Wellness Solution gave the workforce the much-awaited unwinding break to realign themselves to the organization. By inculcating a new habit in the office lifestyle by practicing Yoga & Meditation, makes an organization happy, and healthy.

The Big Idea

Promoting a Stress-Free Workplace

While many organizations understand the impact of employees’ health directly affecting companies’ performance, they have steadily started to integrate various physical activities into their corporate wellness schedules. These sessions have proven to provide steady mental and physical benefits to the employees. Yoga is actively paving its way towards the corporate wellness programs conducted in our workplace. Industry leaders like Apple, Google, and Forbes have introduced Desktop Yoga Practice into their corporate wellness modules and have reaped benefits like increased employee motivation, improved productivity, and lower absenteeism.

Having proved health benefits throughout the pages of history. The demand for corporate yoga has risen exponentially that many yoga trainers and yoga instructors provide their services specifically for corporate offices. Desktop Yoga Practice has been gaining prominence in workplaces around the world in the form of Wellness Wednesday, Monday Motivation, etc. It’s one of the primary responsibilities of the organization to provide a healthy & happy workplace of its employees to operate at their maximum without a glitch for optimum returns.

The Problem

Getaway from the monotonous work environment

An intra-city discovery & delivery platform firm wanted to hype up the organization with some relaxation experiences away from their ringing phones & customer scolds. With on-time delivery ticking everyone on the floor, batch breaks, excelling in consumer experience, & expecting a 5-star rating in every delivery made them work on their feet 24 * 7. This logistics chain decided to give a wellness break to their employees. It was time to bring a smile back on their faces after all the strain & stress they have been going through.

When your employees work non-stop throughout the day, they are bound to face stress which can lead to lower energy and burnout in the long run. They often spend long hours slouching over their desktops and unknowingly strain their neck forward as they stare at the computer screen. This unnatural posture at the workplace is unhealthy and can cause tremendous tension on the back causing spinal pain, neck strain, and shoulder stiffness which interrupts productivity as the workforce will be distracted by the discomfort and unable to focus on the tasks on hand.

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The Solution

An Experiential Yoga & Desktop Meditation

By scanning the best season & day for a wellness session to be organized in-office. We chose 21st June – World Yoga Day to commemorate this age-old Indian tradition as well as help this delivery and logistics firm to enkindle positivity, wellness, and team spirit in their organization. This session began with active energizers, engagement amongst employees, giggles & laughter. Our Corporate trainers initiated this engaging session with basic Desktop Yoga practices, few stretches to release muscle tension, Yoga Asana’s to activate the inner strength, followed by cooling down the body & mind. The final laps of the session was ‘Meditation.’ A simple self-relaxing practice to calm down your senses, focus on your body & breathe. A perfect blend of yoga & meditation is always the best fit to practice with your employees to reverberate & reflect together. Thus, promoting a stress-free environment has always been the need of every HR in the fraternity.

Sometimes it’s not always about the wellness practice to some of the employees; it’s the feeling of practicing these modules together as a team, which makes them feel a part of a tribe. Watching a colleague strike a Yoga pose to one’s perfection, whereas helping another achieve the best posture for relief, makes everyone to collaborate and work as one team towards the futuristic goals set by the firm. The entire ‘World Yoga Day’ was topped with a refreshing F&B that completely wiped them all by their feet. An interactive

The Outcome

Promoted Team Spirit & Initiated a Routine

Inspirit’s Corporate Yoga In-office engagement was much appreciated by all the employees who took an active part in the engagement session. Incorporating yoga into your employees’ lives can improve their mental and physical health through continuous practice. The poses of yoga & the calmness of meditation can help reduce physical pain, workplace stress, making your workforce happy & your workplace happier! Every employee was overwhelmed by the gush of endorphins in their body that they could experience after a very long period. Adding every detail to the office to bring all the strings together to bind the fabric of team building as you hit the right note of Corporate wellness has always been a positive proposition for Inspirit.

Healthy, relaxed, and focused employees are more productive and cost-effective. Even encouraging employees to take just 10 minutes during the workday, to practice some simple yoga stretches or breathing exercises at their desk, in a conference room or out in the fresh air and sunshine can help immensely. Offering yoga classes at work is the best stress buster for employees to intermingle, co-ordinate & take an unwinding break from work to boost productivity once they are back in their cubicles.

We are glad the company started practising Desktop Yoga Practice Daily by conducting Voluntary Participation sessions before office hours, wherein employee gets a chance to become healthier and at the same time feel the motivation. Our post-event workbook for continuing the practice as a habit to be rightly inculcated. If you would also want your organization to indulge in this unwinding experience, give us a buzz to receive a customized plan for your work environment. Let’s together design a perfect Wellness Experience for your team.

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