Patience and HR: Two Sides Of One Coin

Patience and HR Two Sides Of One Coin

Patience by virtue is an innate quality especially should be possessed by a Human Resource professional. As being a special part of a professional community, it is the only segment of work in the massive corporate world, which touches human life on such a close shave. if one lacks this attribute he/she might unknowingly do injustice by not being able to take someone closer to their dream job or somebody who is in need.

Patience is not everybody’s cup of tea and imitating the analogy, not everybody who is into Human resources actually becomes such kind. That is what segregates somebody from being a qualitative one to a quantitative one. In today’s hustle-bustle wherein people hovering around you mostly possess a non-curable crab mentality which usually hampers the one even who possess a quality to do good and impart good, getting over with such kind and maintaining a parallel race constantly takes a lot of gut and courage to do justice to this quality.

How to Be Patient as an HR

This attribute is as healthy as nutritious fruit drink and imparts all good qualities which can be termed as nutritional facts which shall only beget good to someone but not bad for sure in long run. It is for a definite thing to say one who is deprived of this will drive himself crazy in every situation one will encounter which is not so good. And in today’s time, encountering a favourable situation every day is as tough as cracking a cardiology specialization entrance exam. With every sunrise, one must be prepared to encounter the demons trying to bring down this quality in oneself.

With an irritable behaviour and tensed thoughts, one shall only try to force an outcome which is not intended to happen. It is equal to the analogy of a woodcutter hitting the same branch on which he is sitting and attempting to complete the task which would hurt when accomplished. Begetting the wood might benefit but one would hurt really bad by the way the procedure has been conducted. Similarly implementing a harsh action might beget a result but the quality of behaviour possessed by the individual which carrying out that act might hurt one’s behavioural pattern which one would carry for in a long run. Such acts can only be referred to as self-defeating and would only build a terrible hut but not a pleasant castle.

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Being Patient at this Time of the Pandemic

Patience has got a bad reputation for the wrong reasons in the thoughts of some communities. For example, If you advise somebody to “BE PATIENT”, they completely take it as an unreasonable and inhibiting step. They feel that this word is used to console and deviate one from the actual reality of happening of a particular desired outcome. But trust me, this way of thought is completely baseless and would only elevate one’s demotivation in a certain way. To frustrate means to obstruct ones effective way of thought process or to make one’s thinking ability completely ineffectual. Frustration is the degraded byproduct which arises when one gets addicted to the habit of receiving desired results at a much faster pace.

Well, if one starts reconsidering patience in the form of compassion, a re-attuning to your intuition, a way to emotionally redeem your centre in a world filled with frustration, it would work wonder’s in the way one can only keep imagining. Inculcating this habit might fetch you your desired results at a much slower pace, but it is assured that it would be for sure risk-free and would assist you in building a constructive thinking approach which would fetch your outcomes in every act sought continuously for a prolonged period of time without a second piece of thought.

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The Indian Perspective of Human Resources

In a nation with a gigantic headcount and counting, where the thought process lies in the compound of receiving the desired bucket of results at a much faster pace without even a second thought of what can or might go wrong in the process of achieving the desired outcome for a certain action, patience is a default attitude that someone associated with “HUMAN RESOURCES” should be inculcated to keep one’s reaction healthy and full of life. Imagine a situation where one does not land on the desired result platform while questing for the desired profile for a certain project assigned and out of rage one incubates an action which lands him delivering the desired result with poisonously tangled outcomes, it would only nurture the growth of thought of unproductive or an impeding thought process which doesn’t pave a constructive path beneficial for the long run.

Lastly to conclude, Patience doesn’t make you a doormat or deprive you to set boundaries in comparison to other people. It only lays a path to drive one toward their inner wisdom and rather lets you intuit the situation to a larger more loving view to determine right action. Patience, a gift when given or received, moves within reach when you can read someone’s deeper motive, begets only good but no harm.

Valuable Insight

Before you do anything or speak a word, do reconsider these two introspecting questions.

“Is it Kind?”

“Is it Necessary?”

The Inspirit Way

An HR is always expected to be patient while inculcating this behaviour amongst the workforce. Patience & HR are definitely said to be the two sides of the coin, to reassure the employees to stand strong during these uncertain times. With this powerful attribute of Patience, employees can realign the business objectives to achieve the goal in an effective fashion. So as an HR, it is important to be patient with others, as well as re-enkindle this in the work culture of the organisation.

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