Pandemic Positively Changing Perceptions of Lives

Pandemic Positively Changing Perceptions of Lives

How the current pandemic has changed the perception of the human race towards themselves and the society at large. The past few weeks has re-calibrated and redesigned the way we live, work, and communicate. After the initial anxiety, we seem to be settling into a state of equilibrium, comfortable with different rooms, table tops and comfy corners at home getting converted to workstations.

With the overall scarcity of necessities and resources, people seem to be lessening down their needs, consuming just as much as needed and thinking about the consumption of others.  People are now more conscious of their health- more than ever before. Never before, like people, have we been reminded of our interdependence & interconnectedness. Pandemic Positively Changing Perceptions have been the talk of the town, ever since mental health has been widely spoken about. This small virus, of all things, has efficaciously done this. Covid19 has travelled globally, quickly and ruthlessly, leaving city after city and country after country blemished and shaken. The entire country is under lockdown, with many of our states and cities placed under curfew.

Due to lockdown being declared in the past few weeks, most people in many parts of the world have been forced to remain indoors and work from home. Remarkable gestures of sympathy and big-heartedness are springing everywhere in the world. Heads of state are sharing strategies and resources. Country leaders, Government authorities and hospitals are all working round the clock 24/7 to support everyone in putting things in place by making effective decisions. Traffic in cities is down to almost zero. Social media is flooded with videos of chirping birds, walking peacocks around the vicinity, dolphins being spotted for the very first time ever, close to the Mumbai ocean shoreline as also the pollution levels dropping drastically having bluer and clearer skies.

The situation has however given us a lot of takeaways

Pandemic Positively Changing Perceptions

1. Work From Home

As more and more people are working from their homes, they are realising that it is quite possible to do so. One of my friends shared that he was wondering if he can always work from home, why travel to an office? He was getting a lot more done from home with the same or rather higher productivity. While this may be an extreme thought, companies may start realising the benefits of working from home bringing about lesser infrastructure costs, more productivity, the flexibility of employees and many other such. Cities are already unable of handling the jam-packed traffic on roads. Spending hours in commuting is the norm in many large cities in the world. How sustainable will it be? This has been seen in the current scenario where employees are showing the same productivity levels with the various work-from-home strategies and plans made and shared by the companies with their employees providing all possible elements required from Video conferencing to Virtual Training.

2. Health, not Wealth

This is the first time, I am seeing people so universally concerned about health. As a matter of fact, even I am working out a bit now!!! I don’t think we have ever washed our hands so many times any more than we have in these past few weeks. All conversations are more about being immune and healthy. Not just bodily health, but spiritual and emotional health too. People are connecting virtually with colleagues, friends and family members. In these past few weeks, I have not heard anyone talking about their upcoming holiday or travel plans but have seen friends and families involved in board games and storytelling. One tiny virus has balanced the whole world. The real wealthy today are truly the ones who are the healthiest.

3. Contribute More

COVID-19 has truly taught us to reach out. Everyone is using the virtual platform to connect. Being stranded at home is reinforcing the desire to reach out. The thought shared by the Indian Prime Minister to clap for 5 minutes on 22nd March at 5 pm, united billions of Indians to thank everyone for working day and night to fight this virus. Volunteer groups are coming together to help. There is an amplified sense of acceptance and accommodation. Mother Teresa said, “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put in giving.” This can now be seen in action.

4. Stay Home Mantra

Today “Stay Home” is the mantra. I believe this isolation is helping us connect with ourselves. People have started to pursue their hobbies again be it singing, dancing, cooking, blogging or for that matter playing an instrument.  I have gone back to my guitar learning spree! It is freeing us from the need for being a continuous workaholics not making time for family and friends. It is bringing families and friends together. This little virus has made this happen. We are united as a world today.

hough countries are locked down and have come to a standstill, they have opened their hearts to help everyone. This is the first time I have the world coming together working as a team helping and reaching out to one another. I hope that this scenario certainly does make us review and redesign the way we live for a better tomorrow.

Hope this blog on Pandemic Positively Changing Perceptions has helped you leverage the optimistic side of living.


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