How does Organic Diet Enhance Business Productivity?

How does Organic Diet Enhance Business Productivity?

Rising concerns about health complications & other lifestyle ailments have increased the demand for Organic Diet. This Nutritional Diet plan was given to humanity by our very own ancestors, which their treasure of Ayurvedic Wisdom. Let’s step back to square one to strengthen our immune system, alter our nutritional intake as we work towards a magnified vision of boosting business productivity.Food that you consume has the power to influence your physical health, mental well-being & work performance. Nutrition & food is to be viewed as an elixir and not as an escape. The Indian nutritional demands have been constantly changing based on the fitness metrics, from time to time. Organic farms, Satvik Diets, and Nutritional Food Intake has their own buzz, in the last 5 years. Diving Deep into the numbers show us that the Indian Organic Space is blooming like never before. With 15,000 certified organic farms & more than $2 billion in markets mined has made us statistically clear about the Nutritional Shift India is drifting. The consumer market has seen a drastic change from production-driven supply to demand-based supply. Let’s follow a healthy lifestyle & enhance business productivity as a whole.

Along with the immense attention toward Organic diet lately, there has been a great surge in the fields of organic restaurants, local eateries, fresh farm produce, etc. Customers & also tourists are now in search of firsthand experience to satiate their hunger with an authentic product that is grown locally. A new model was introduced in recent times called the Farm to fork model, wherein many farmers have adopted this holistic plan to showcase their organic produce in multi cities as well as local markets. All the above-mentioned notions, bring out one clear moment of truth, that is the number of individuals trying to change their life’s towards a ‘Healthier Lifestyle.’

Different Types of Diet

Satvik Diet

According to the ancient scripts, the Satvik diet was meant to be relaxing, mildly cooling the body, and have a refreshing experience, due to its easy-to-digest food. Healthy food, as per Ayurveda was rich in prana (purity), thus, it promotes positive thoughts, satisfaction, and happiness. The meal is more relishing with the amount of love and care put in it. The practice of making, serving & consuming a Satvik meal, had to be done in a positive state of mind.

Vegan Diet

Vegan diet is another variety very similar to the Satvik meal inclusions. This diet is more of a vegetarian diet eliminating meat and animal products. One of the differentiating factors of this diet is that it reduces the consumption of cholesterol and saturated fat. It is very complex to follow the vegan diet, which is more of a lifestyle that deals with animal rights & other ethics involved to eat clean and natural food.

Atkins Diet

This is a form of Ketogenic diet, normally followed for weight loss. Atkins Diet restricts you to eat carbohydrates in any form and emphasizes the need for proteins & fats in your meal. It basically follows the restrictive eating approach. Atkins & keto diet plans usually help to curb lifestyle disorders such as diabetes and heart health.

South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet is more into selective consumption of carbohydrates, proteins & fats. This diet is normally followed as an incremental process, based on one’s body type & metabolism. The 3 phases in the South beach diet consist of Phase 1 is to refrain from consuming carbohydrates, phase 2 introduces a new restriction and Phase 3 is manipulated based on maintenance to keep weight loss last long.

Paleo Diet

The diet has a strict restriction on processed sugar or sugar obtained from any other food other than natural sources. The only sugar supplement allowed in a Paleo diet comes from fruits. However, abandoning sugar is not the only condition. Other forms of processed food. Fast-food chain junk, etc are also restricted. Paleo-diet meal includes meat, eggs, seeds, nuts, fruits, and veggies, along with healthy fats and oils.

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4 Ancient Diet Regime Perks in Corporate Lifestyle

#1 Enhances Self-Confidence

Satvik diet consists of healing food that is used for cleansing the body and helps in reducing stress and anxiety. As you routinely follow this diet pattern, you gain the ultimate power of ‘Nature.’ This keeps you physically fit, and mentally healthy to focus and think clearly at all times. The natural ingredients are also known to enhance the alert mind, give you clarity of thought, and a fit mind & body. As a result of which, a strong self-confidence is built as well as a tough immune system!

#2 Keeps you Active

You would never want an employee to be caught sleeping while at work. If you find drooping shoulders in your organization, it’s high time to help them shift their Nutritional Lifestyle. An organic diet packed with nutrients that nourish one’s brain and body. It keeps the brain functioning at optimal levels to handle all sorts of work pressures, and challenges, and most importantly, keeps you awake and alert. Thus, when looking back at the Satvik Lifestyle, one used to practice Yoga asanas & basic pranayama to keep themselves active & on their toes. A perfect example to be learned from the traditional style of living. By following this plan

#3 Taste & Essences

Yes! Satvik food is indeed tasty and the reduced amount of spices and flavourings is exactly what makes it so delicious. The meal brings out the natural flavours and essences from every ingredient. Satvik meal requires a holistic palette that requires all the six flavours in a meal – sweet, salt, sour, pungent, bitter, and astringent – making it a mixed plate of flavours that are sumptuous.

#4 Strike A Healthy Balance

One not only needs a well-balanced diet pattern but also needs a well-balanced lifestyle. Juggling work, personal life, hobbies, passion, etc is super draining for an average individual. Thus, a nutritional diet can help you pace toward your fitness goal. Look out for healthy food that fuels your brain and energizes you throughout the day, which makes you look better, feels better, and move better. A Satvik diet will give you the right nutritional balance to drive you enough to achieve your goals faster. By following these 4 steps one can Enhance Business Productivity!

Corporate Nutrition & Cognitive Performance

How can my Organisation Adopt the Satvik Diet?

Every organization is free to follow the Satvik Diet or any other form of diet as per your body’s requirements. One of the easiest techniques to imbibe the learning of the Satvik Diet is by making yourself aware of the regular routines, do & don’t, etc. There are multiple YouTube content talking about experiences, Instagram Content giving you quick bites of knowledge as various recipes and loads of websites that talk about the attribute of ‘Sattva.’ The initial kickstart can encourage Corporate Nutrition, Health & Fitness Day, when every employee is supposed to stand by few dietary restrictions, such as No Sugar Day, No Carbs Day, Salad for Brunch, & a weekly team meet to discuss their outcome. Such HR initiatives can make an organization healthier. A weekly worksheet attached to every desk of the employees will make them consistent and more aware of their fitness goals. Let’s choose the right performance fuel to keep our firm hearty and healthy.

Mission: Healthy Workforce

Nutrition is the foundation of every employee’s lifestyle, & their productivity is affected by the diet they consume. Enhance Business Productivity by going back to nature with the philosophies of Satvik Nutrition can truly transform an employee’s lifestyle, while it will enhance business productivity. Getting back on track by being one with ‘Nature,’ and following an Ayurvedic Detox can truly help. Let’s join forces to make our organization healthy, with a healthy workforce to reap maximum productivity. Inspirit’s Corporate Satvik Nutrition Trainers are well fond of the dynamic nutritional pattern of every firm, based on the firm’s demographics, industry, etc. An interactive module with our experts can help your employees to alter their diet toward a fitness goal. With customized Satvik Lifestyle & Nutritional Shift Plans, we can take your organization a notch higher towards a ‘Being Healthy.’

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