5 Ultimate Truths of Living a Balanced & Healthy Lifestyle

5 Ultimate Truths of Living a Balanced & Healthy Lifestyle

It’s a platitude that most of the population wants to live long, happy, successful, and healthy lives. Unfortunately, in the mad rat race where they try to meet their deadlines and targets, they tend to forget that the gift of health is keeping them alive. They tend to ignore the root cause of their daily aches and pains and wait for the pain to nurture and make it chronic. Why work with these aches and pain when simple prevention strategies can help lead a pain free life?

How to be Healthy and Happy While Working From Home?

It is never late, to start something from scratch. So let’s unlock the secrets of a Balanced & Healthy Lifestyle.

Start incorporating basic ergonomic principles in your lives on a day to day basis to prevent your body from saying “ouch”.Working regularly on the super-easy techniques that are listed below, you can make your pain disappear, improve your efficiency while working and also lead a healthier life.

1. Correct Posture

A. Sitting posture

It is extremely essential to sit on a chair and keep your screen on a table while you are working rather than opting for your bed or your favourite couch. The bed and couch takes a toll on your spine as well as keep you low on mental alertness. You don’t require ergonomic chairs to make you sit correctly, you can sit on a normal plastic /wooden chair also. It is essential as to how you sit on the chair.

Sit with your buttocks touching the back of the chair

Keep your lower back well supported with a wrapped towel roll or a small pillow

Keep your screen 18-24 inches away from you

Keep your feet flat on the floor and your arms well supported, if your chair doesn’t have arm support, you can support your arm on the table as well.

If you are using your mobile phone, keep it at the eye level so that you don’t have to bend your neck.

B. Standing posture

It is vital that you stand also in the correct manner to prevent spinal issues. It is extremely simple to stand in the correct manner just incorporate the following-

Stand with weight mostly on the balls of the feet, not with weight on the heels.

Keep feet slightly apart, about shoulder-width, shoulders should be wide and not rounded

Let arms hang naturally down the sides of the body.

Avoid locking the knees.

Tuck the chin in a little to keep the head level

2. Mini Breaks Every 30 mins.

Work for thirty minutes and take a two-minute micro break. This will give your eyes some rest and also allow you to stretch yourself. What can you do in these micro-breaks?? Keep yourself hydrated at all time & while you are at home, do walk around the house as much as you can. Do back and neck exercises to relieve the stress on your overworked muscles.

3. Workout Routine

“All work no play makes Jack a dull boy” holds true for all. Set up a workout schedule which should be done regularly. A high-intensity workout is not a necessity but even a regular walk helps you to stay fit and fresh. A good workout session for half an hour is helpful to keep your muscles strong. Respect the limitations and aches of your body while working out, don’t overdo them. Slowly increase your fitness level.

Eat a Healthy Snack during one of the breaks. Want to know more on Nutritional Shift, while you Boost your Immunity, we have an expert-curated solution for you.

4. Type of Pillows and Mattress

A variety of pillows and mattress are available in the market, the key to a good pillow/mattress is that it should neither be very soft nor be very hard. If it is too soft your head/body digs into it. If it’s very soft again the normal spinal curvature is not maintained. So the best type that it should be medium-firm

5. Mental Well Being

A lot of times aches and pains are also related to stress, so its vital that you incorporate breathing exercises and meditation in your daily routines to keep your stress at bay. Breathing exercises also help in improving lung capacity and immunity.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

The Inspirit Way

The 5 Top Secrets of a Balanced & Healthy Lifestyle has been unveiled by Dr Nidhi Goradia (BPTh, FRPT, Certified Mckenzie Therapist) through her experience in various corporates. During this uncertain stage of the second lockdown, corporates employees working from home feel the extreme need to focus on a well balanced & Healthy lifestyle. This blog will surely help us all, to shape our journey ahead.

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