Family Day Celebration to Leverage Employee Morale & Loyalty

Family Day Celebration to Leverage Employee Morale & Loyalty

When your employees tend to ‘Believe’ in the brand, they function seamlessly, whereas when their families ‘Trust’ the brand they tend to stick to the organization just like family. Let’s understand the importance of bringing together the families of one’s employees, to witness the brand futuristic vision to soar high, by providing collaborative growth opportunities.

The Big Idea

Build Brand Connect & Loyalty

As organizations find new ways to keep their employees engaged and entertained like sports clubs, team outbound, in-office engagement, etc, many firms have initiated ‘family day’ for their employees. This type of event blends in fun, family, and work, by breaking barriers between them. However, there are a limited number of companies that organize a family day for their employees. Besides, there are even fewer companies that understand the benefits of organizing one. When a company hosts a family day celebration for its valued employees, it speaks volumes about ‘you’ as an employer and as a brand. Providing your employees with an amazing opportunity to create new memories demonstrates that you value their personal relationships as well. A strong indicator that an employer supports their workforce’s emotional well-being is prominent in today’s global work lifestyle. This encourages your employees to work with you & stick to the brand for longer terms. Your brand is perceived as a caring business, as you are supporting them in caring for their family.

The Problem 

A Much Needed Break with one’s Family

One of India’s Largest Automobile Manufacturers wanted to reduce the burnout & stress levels of their employees. Many employees faced issues to strike a perfect work-life balance. Corporate employees require a break to energize themselves, amidst the entire financial year’s statements, closures, deadlines, etc. The performance graph of the employees droops. This automobile manufacturer has always wanted to influence its potential market by valuing its employees and spending on them to build a relationship to create a word-of-mouth sensation. Hence, proper motivation is needed to make them feel united again.

By providing an opportunity for your employee’s families to bond together, you are creating a closely-knit community, which is important in strengthening a business. It is during such times, that the organization faces the maximum number of absenteeism. This custom created by the brand has set a benchmark for itself, which has to be spanned every year. Thus, every employer is reminded to understand this trend of a weary workforce, who does not desire another weekend but a break from this work cycle.

The Solution

Extravagant Engagement Zones & Family Day Celebration

A Corporate Gala Family Day is the perfect opportunity for employers to build their relationships with their staff. It’s about everyone enjoying their unwinding day out with one’s families. With the help of engagement zones for every age group, made the environment more vibrant. The plush 5-Star property provided all the comfort, alongside numerous elements that sprung interaction amongst various family members of different employees. Kids enjoyed their nail-biting fun session with their toon characters cracking jokes. Fun games were organized for the tiny tots with undivided attention for them; whereas the employees & their spouses linger around various zones to enjoy their time. Some adrenaline rush activities for the grown-ups, rewarding ventures, and sumptuous food & beverages circulating made the event lavish & pumped up with energy.

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Dancing to the beats of some popular music, entertaining dance performances luring the audience to dance along with the crew, hysterical stand comic performances targeted to the routine lifestyle of the employees & the families, along with hilarious mimicry of popular artists were all factors that encouraged the employees to interact and communicate with each other. Corporate dinner is also a unique idea that fabricates a strong bonding between the employees and the management. This gala family day event will inspire all the employees to work as a family henceforth. Indeed, a great way to appreciate your hard-working employees and honor the extraordinary support they receive from their families.

The Outcome

Transformational Morale Boosts

The most transformational & visible impact that a corporate family day can provide for an organization is the employee morale boost. Such celebratory occasions with one’s families are fun, as this helps in retaining employees, building a happier workplace, with engaged employees working towards a stronger company culture. One of India’s automobile manufacturing firms has witnessed an awesome ‘Family day Celebration’ that provided employees with a refreshed boost of confidence at work, as this helps them find more meaning in the work they do. Such celebrations are effective as well as it facilitates good communication among the employees. This congratulatory gesture event can act as a bonus for a good business year, as well as to motivate your workforce amid a challenging business year; this family day was a perfect way to reward one’s employees, despite their current performance. Give them a launchpad, a vision for tomorrow to grow with the organization.

Inspirit has always provided one’s clientele with the best of experiences, that a brand can cherish with their employees as well as the families. We were successful in bringing a smile on every participant’s face. To help you map out an employee engagement module for your workforce’s families this season, get in touch with us for a perfect engagement solution.

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