Celebrating Virtual Festivities

Virtual Diwali Team Building this year has been a roller coaster ride for the Corporates. Bringing the team together for a Virtual celebration after spending almost 7 months in the Work from Home ecosystem has caused Webinar Fatigue. Thus, Team Inspirit curated a bunch of Fun activities catering every organisation’s pain points to help them celebrate the hassle-free, frolic celebration.

We are glad to announce our Festive Month of November as Successful. Your appreciations and happy faces keep us sailing through these Digital Times. Our #OffiwaliDiwali campaign consisted of 7 Fun Categories & 15 Virtual Solutions to choose from, giving organisations a bunch of offerings. The idea of Digital Diwali has attracted a lot of eyeballs, & also has opened the eyes of the leaders to take a look at Virtual Team Building Activities as a fresh option that can also serve the notion of Learning & Development wrapped with a Fun Celebration.


Some of our Top 3 Best Selling Virtual Diwali Team Building Activities are as follows:

1. Gamified Gala

Connect with your colleagues to challenge & play some. Virtual Diwali Escape Room– A Fun Celebration with your Team. An online collaborative game with your team is a wonderful opportunity to unwind. Employees virtually hurdle up to solve the Multiverse of the Ramayana. This Diwali based Virtual Reality game can climax to a fun nail-biting end.

2. Cultural Celebrations

Entertainment in a Virtual Party is a Must. Sing, Dance & Feast. Spice it up with an Online Ethnic Fashion Show– Get Virtually Trendy! This is Inspirit’s pick of celebrating Diwali with your Team. Bring it some amazing performances in your virtual party, with an interactive illusionist, stand-up comic, digital music band, etc. to enjoy your sweet time with a glazing festive vibe. 

3. FunTastic Fiesta

Groove to the Beats & Participate in a Virtual Drum Circle. This Gala Virtual Drum Circle, will synergies all the positive energies during this auspicious festive season. Dance & Music can never be missed out in any of our Indian Festival. With BollyBoom Digital Dance session, one can shed out the sweet calories you gained. A unique virtual drum circle can also harmonize the team as one.

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