Journey of Sustainability with your Organisation: CSR

Journey of Sustainability

Our Sustainability Ninja from Skrap has beautifully explained how Corporates can embark on their journey towards a eco-friendly space. Let’s learn, relearn, and put into practice some easy to follow techniques that can make us vigilant towards our planet. Join Team Inspirit in this positive employee engagement digital program and leverage your business a step ahead in the path of one’s social responsibility.

Journey of Sustainability with your Organisation

Build Positive Employee Engagement, while you leverage your workforce to make environmentally friendly choices. Here is a chance to reduce your ecological footprint & walk a Mile towards an aspiring Future. Our Sustainability Workshop Team from Skrap has wonderfully put forth some experiential modules for your organization.

The festive season is here after a long, challenging year and Let’s spread joy and cheer with your team and clients – ZERO WASTE style!

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Virtual Sustainability Team Sessions

Grow Your Green Thumb

Grow Your Green Thumb is a Team Sustainability Workshop that encourages the art of growing your food. A mindful growing on your microgreens can be relaxing to every employee who is constant punching number or codes in their WFH cubicle.

Upcycle This New Year

Upcycle this New Year by Celebrating an Eco-friendly Festival Virtually with your Team! This interactive workshop is an experiential session that helps you level your so-called old artefacts into amazing memoirs.

Zero Waste Festive Celebrations

In this workshop, we walk participants through sustainable ways of celebrating the year-end festivities with engaging DIY activities and ideas! So, tune in and learn how to make your own festive decorations like wall hangings and pretty festoons from upcycled materials, sure to spruce up your home!

Our Collaborator Skrap has curated various fun Employee Engagement that can leverage business platforms to step up their responsibilities towards a Greener and Healthier Future. Get in touch with Inspirit to help you navigate through this novel corporate social responsibility experiential session. Embark on a Journey of Sustainability with your team today.

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