Building Positive Employee Engagement & awareness around environmental issues, kickstarting conversations around sustainability and inspiring positive climate action at the workplace are becoming increasingly important. And we at Skrap are helping organisations create this sustainability culture through our curated sustainability workshops and communications, and build positive employee engagement.

Have you felt like ‘sustainability’ is a lofty word, and you wish someone broke it down for you? Have you always cared about the planet but didn’t know how to contribute towards positive climate action?

Whether your organisation has a focus on environmental action or not, building a culture at the workplace around climate action helps create meaningful connections with your employees, (especially the millennials and Generation Z) who are increasingly becoming more aware of environmental issues like global warming and plastic pollution.  And we’re here to help your organisation get started on its sustainability journey, while making it as exciting, inspiring and actionable as possible!


Why Sustainability Workshops?

Our workshops (offline and online) are an engaging platform to bring employees together, introduce new concepts, and help translate ideas to action. Each workshop is carefully designed to ensure that employees learn something new and develop an understanding of what they can do for the planet at a personal and organisational level, to spark change. In our workshops, we focus on the following components:

Making sustainability personal

Our workshops foster a learning environment that encourages individuals to internalise eco-challenges and actively seek solutions in their personal lives

Building interaction

We incorporate DIY components or perform live demonstrations to help participants translate ideas to action

Engaging in discussions

Our Q&A segment allows participants to have their questions and doubts clarified by our team of experts

Sharing post-workshop resources

We share learning resources such as the session summary, links to immersive videos/documentaries, and information on eco-friendly products.

Watch: Journey of Sustainability with your Organisation- CSR

What are the Sustainability Workshop Offerings?

We offer a whole range of workshops, carefully curated to introduce sustainability concepts, and help individuals reimagine their relationship with resources. Below is a broad overview of our topics. Building Positive Employee Engagement through workshops are customizable based on your organisations’ learning requirements.

1.   Zero-Waste LivingBuilding Positive Employee Engagement

In this interactive workshop, we walk participants through an overview of the global garbage crisis, its human and environmental impacts, and present simple solutions to reduce our waste footprint. We also share tips on how to get started on a minimal waste lifestyle and touch upon concepts like composting, recycling, and responsible consumption.


Building Positive Employee Engagement2.   Make Natural Cleaning or Body Care Products

Many of the products we use or consume often come packaged in plastic or contain harsh chemicals that impact our health and the ecosystem. In this workshop, we show you how you can start making your own natural body care products like DIY deodorant or cleaning products using simple ingredients like leftover citrus peels. These natural products are good for you, the planet and your pocket!


Building Positive Employee Engagement

3.   Grow your own Microgreens

Microgreens are young vegetable greens power-packed with nutrients. Moreover, they are easy to grow and don’t take up much space. In this workshop, we show participants how they can grow their own microgreens using seeds available in their kitchen. These can be consumed by garnishing in soups and salads within 10-14 days.

4.   How to Compost at Home

Most of the waste that we generate each day comprises our food waste or kitchen scraps. Sending this to our landfills releases greenhouse gases like methane that contribute to global warming. Instead, if we learn to compost, we can convert this organic waste into a nutrient-rich fertilizer that can be fed back to plants. In this workshop, we show you how to get started on home composting and bust common myths about the process.


5.   Beat Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is increasingly becoming one of the biggest threats facing our planet today. But, much of the single-use plastics we use can be eliminated at source or replaced with more sustainable alternatives. In the workshop, we’ll explore the miracle material of plastics, help attendees understand which plastics are safe to use (not all plastics are equal) and share simple ideas and tips to reduce your plastic footprint.


Building Positive Employee Engagement

6.   Upcycling

Our upcycling workshops are designed to help participants rethink their relationship with waste, and instead transform this into useful products. This workshop helps participants convert trash into treasure. Examples of upcycling products include converting old tee-shirts into reusable cloth bags or making body scrubs from used coffee grounds.




Building Positive Employee Engagement during these times of minimal physical interaction, our digital workshops have helped organisations build and sustain meaningful employee engagement. You don’t always need a superhero with a cape to save the planet from global warming. All it takes is some initiative and motivation to do your bit and inspire change. So, are you ready to help your organisation take its first step towards being planet-friendly?

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