D.I.Y Corporate Zumba Tips to Put Preach into Practice


Corporate Employees have to go through a hectic schedule every day to deliver the given tasks & assignments on time. Giving them a refreshing break amongst these hustles can help them perform at their optimum. Employees can indulge in this fun practice of stimulating their happy hormones. These tips & tricks of Corporate Zumba can make your employees sweat their stress out.

Spending official work hours on fitness boosts employee productivity at work instead of hindering it, contrary to certain beliefs. Studies show that employees who are active physically have reportedly increased work performance and higher satisfaction with both the quantity and quality of their work than their other counterparts. As an employer, one must help their employees to prioritize their health and wellness, by removing the barriers of accessibility and convenience by introducing fitness modules. With in-office Zumba classes, your workforce will be able to fit an exercise break into their packed schedules and reap the maximum benefits of engaging them, which helps build stronger team collaboration. D.I.Y Corporate Zumba is the new normal during this WFH regime.

Zumba is a high-energy fitness program that mixes aerobics with dance, making a session full of fun for employees who indulge in this activity, while they get in shape, and get into the rhythm of the Latin beats. The upbeat and energetic environment provided by a Zumba module feels more like a celebration than an actual workout. Organisations facilitate this opportunity for team-bonding as team members attempt to move and groove to the music.

7 Stages of Planning a Perfect Zumba Session

Identify employees who practice Zumba or Dance

In every organization there will always be an employee who practices Zumba or is a flexible dancer who can guide us through the process of warming up and getting started. Encourage & appreciate different employees to take up this baton, every time you invite a Team D.I.Y Corporate Zumba Session.

Choose a Warm-up Guide

Every week appoint an employee who can guide you through basic muscle stretches. Employees who practice high-intensity gym routines can conduct plank, squats, push-up challenges in the organization. Perhaps, every individual gets an opportunity to conduct these frolic warm-up sessions in their desired creative methodology, before every fun Zumba session begins.

Recognize a Suitable Place

It’s important to have the right space to perform Zumba. If you are in the office a non-slippery surface would suffice. You wouldn’t require a huge space to practice this frolic exercise, but a minimum of 5ft x 5ft space per person is considered ideal. You can also practice Zumba with your colleagues via video conferencing platforms, while you operate remotely.

Wear comfortable Active Wear & Sports Shoes

Active Sportswear is always preferred over any other variety of fabrics. It is very important to wear fabric that can immediately dry, and can be stretchable enough to move. Do take into consideration the season, while you dress for your session. Choosing the right sports gear is very crucial to initiate a fitness activity.

Organize a Playlist

Your favorite music makes you groove the most. Thus, having the right mix of high-octave music from recent hits to the classic Spanish, Latin tracks can be aligned based on the intensity of beats. The music starts with a slow tempo, rising to upbeat music, later cooling down the curve with some soothing tracks. A tracklist of a minimum of 30 minutes has to be organized before you begin.

Practice Zumba Moves

There are tons of free source videos that can be used to learn the popular steps of this fitness form. Few basic moves of Zumba moves include salsa steps, meringue steps, Samba & reggaeton modern style, Bollywood grooves, Bhangra steps, side touches, cha-cha, etc are few basic Zumba movements to master.

Cool Down

Post the active fitness module, one has calm down, stretch every muscle & release tensions to avoid sore muscles and lie down till your heart rate is back to normal. Practicing Zumba regularly will help reduce the muscular pain as it helps in muscle toning, burning calories, etc. Give your body some time to adapt to change.

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D.I.Y Organisation Fitness Test?

While exercising with your team is fun in an organization, you have to identify the fitness levels of all your employees who fall under this broad umbrella. The best way to do so, it to start from scratch. Take into consideration the sedentary lifestyles, age demography, gender, season, etc. These factors help you to boil down on to the right intensity of D.I.Y Corporate Zumba. Let’s understand 3 basic categories of Fitness Categories, to help you choose the right Zumba modules for the right set of audiences. Always focus on how to progress a step ahead in this range of fitness scales.

Fitness quotient is dynamic from one individual to another; one might score intermediate in one form of exercise, but a beginner in the other set. That’s when you conclude the average fitness level of the firm lies between beginner-intermediate. The majority of the firms lie in this range of fitness levels, due to the equal mix of experienced workforce & young individuals. These programs can be customized as per the fitness levels of the firm, who can advise you to follow a regime to reach a step higher in the scale of fitness over a while.


If you are new to the routine of working out daily or have never exercised at all, begin with exercises that prepare the muscles to move at a slow pace in order to build strength and muscle memory. A beginner’s regime usually consists of low intensity, modified modules of exercises with little variety, and shorter workout duration. Building a solid foundation as a beginner will ensure you get the best results in the longer run.


Any individual who has touch-based on various exercise routines, such as brisk walking, cardio, cycling, swimming, jogging, can begin to add a step higher with respect to the fitness intensity they have built up to. The experience level of the intermediate individual also has enough knowledge of proper form, modifications, and understands a variety of workout styles to suit once goals. The majority of exercisers, who workout a minimum of 2-3 times in a week falls in this category.


Advanced trainees are the ones who hit the gym or immerse in any other active sports regularly, while they use workout modules that challenge their bodies for increased strength, higher endurance, power, speed, and extra intensity to achieve visible results. They have years of consistent practice as they work out their body regularly and know how to focus on variables to challenge their training needs. The progressive improvements for these employees may be increasingly difficult to achieve.

How can you Redefine Employee Engagement with D.I.Y Corporate Zumba?

Wellness and employee engagement go hand-in-hand in every firm. When an employee is happy with their job, it positively affects their well-being. When an employee is healthy, it feels mentally and physically soothing. A perfect consolidation of all these elements makes a workplace healthy. It’s a relationship that builds one another, and employers should take the right advantage of fitness opportunities. A statistical study by Gallup found that 62% of engaged employees in a workplace feel positive about their life-enhancing their physical health. Thus, the solution of employee wellness, in the form of Corporate Zumba, has to be organized for nourishing the employees at their best.

Zumba as a fitness form, when choreographed in sync with all employees together; delivers the real health benefits equally to all the participants. Employees from all departments ranging from marketing to client service to finance functions encourage each other during such fitness ventures. Dance is one of your best options for fitness and a great way to finish off a hectic week. The physical benefits ranging from flexibility and balance to calorie-burning cardio are just some additional perks towards the main agenda of employee engagement.

The Inspirit Way

During current times, employee wellness has gained popularity in corporate spaces. It is now a necessity and a differentiating factor for your potential candidates who evaluate your organisation. Inspirit’s Corporate trainers have put together a fun, high energy workout that clocks you in at just under 30 minutes. A quick routine can get your heart rate up and work on various muscles of your body, which is key to healthy living. Inspirit will help you strategically place employee wellness solutions on your charts. Call us, to kickstart a healthy habit with D.I.Y Corporate Zumba, to know more about our current corporate Zumba modules.

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