Corporate Zumba – An Alternative to Conventional Employee Fitness Programs

Corporate Zumba – An Alternative to Conventional Employee Fitness Programs

Various ever-changing internal & external factors result in the fueling of the corporate think tank. To keep process functioning & proceed with the same energy, the employee fitness program is the key. It’s only with the presence of happy, healthy & fit employees your firm can be fit to operate at its maximum potential. A fun fitness Zumba session can do all the miracle. So, next time you hit an ice-berg ask, how fit is my organization?

The Discovery of Zumba

Zumba was a form of exercise born in Colombia in the 1990s, by quite an accident. A fitness instructor forgot to have bought their routine practice music tracks, thus to resolve the same, he bought few Latin music tracks from his car to keep it going. Never did they know, they were making history! The class was full of peppy Latin beats ranging from salsa, bachata, cha-cha, etc. This class became successful, as the students were sweating it out to salsa and rumba beats. It was a hit then, & surely a blockbuster in today’s era. We have seen young fitness enthusiast, taking-up Corporate Zumba as career options as well, to step in the shoes of the legendary Columbian inventor, discovering new moves & grooves to each beat of the music.

A Zumba session is like an instructor-led fitness practice that involves a heavy movement routine, similar to aerobics. This format of exercise- ‘Zumba’ has pitched itself as more of a party than a workout. The notion set for this concept campaigned across the globe. A new form of exercise now ticked into all the not-so-fitness-freaks as well. Proving to be the next evolving form of fitness, Zumba has changed innumerable notions, with its unrealistic benefits across all age groups. The discovery of different formats of Zumba has branched out well to conquer the whole world into its palm.

Corporate Zumba is Fun, but is it Effective?

Zumba fitness has swiftly grown to one of the most prominent group exercises on the planet. In fact, according to current statistics the Latin-dance inspired workout is reportedly performed by more than 12 million people at 110,000 sites around the world, which is a collection of over 125 countries. With increasing practitioners of Zumba nationwide, researchers have also penned down various studies to prove how effective this fitness regime is to keep various health-related disorders, body ailments, etc. Fun is one of the happy ingredients added in the recipe of Zumba, with high-octave beats, breathtaking steps, artistic side of an individual to make your home, office, studio, etc. a stage that you tend to perform while you practice Zumba!
“Ditch the Workout – Join the Party!” That’s the very popular slogan for Zumba enthusiasts, which attracts towards this fun fusion of dance, with benefits such as enhanced core strengthening and flexibility due to numerous hip and midsection movements. An adequate study has also pin-pointed how Zumba fitness can also be a great choice for those who are looking to drop a few pounds or maintain their current fitness levels. With an average individual burning an average of 369 calories per active Zumba class, proving not only it’s efficiency but also it’s consistency amongst various forms of Zumba, people who practice the same in different special localities, etc.

The Golden Advantages of Practicing Zumba

Improved Productivity

The prime motive of such Zumba is to reduce stress and increase the mobility of the body so that the overall health benefits can be achieved. In the longer run, such sessions help in increasing work productivity, a medium to release stress, as this practice increases the motivation of making the office environment a happy place to work at. As per workforce statistics, fitness modules can help improve time management as much as 72% as compared to your routine.

Reduce Stress in the Workplace

In every office workspace, there are a lot of health issues associated with the lifestyle, based on factors that rule the respective industry. Long working hours, irregular diets, stress, and pressure of deadlines can make one’s employees stressed. Zumba – a high-intensity fitness exercise is one of the ways to blow off steam and reduce stress at one’s workspace.

Promotes Confidence & Energy

Busy working professionals find it difficult to fit fitness into their hectic schedules, but taking time for Zumba increases mental acuity. This form of routine truly feeds the brain, to be more effective and efficient. When your brain is performing at its full capacity, you focus better, concentrate more, and a great in-flow of energy gushed into your system to perform way beyond what is meant to do.

Zumba Improves Team Work

The more participation of employees in fitness programs, the better the workplace teamwork gets. Employees become well acquainted with every member of the team when they work out together. These ‘Fitness Buddy’ relationships translate well in workplace collaboration. Corporate programs boost your team’s confidence as well as hold them accountable for results. This fitness initiative also increased a sense of loyalty, due to the goodwill shown by the organization.

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Types of Active Zumba

Fitness Zumba

A basic high-energy, high-intensity cardio workout with Latin dance steps which builds the foundation for fitness, enables weight loss, and increases stamina.

Gold Zumba

This fitness program caters especially to the needs of the active, older people, and beginners. Basic Zumba steps and modified to suit the pace and needs of the participants.

Zumba for Toning

This program mixes body sculpting and toning exercises with a high-intensity cardio workout. Participants can focus on the stressed muscles of their body, including parts they want to tone.

Aqua Zumba

A consolidated version of traditional water aerobics with Zumba moves to ensure a body toning along with a cardio workout that is fast-paced, and full of energy. This program is conducted in swimming pools, natural water streams, etc.


Zumbatomic is exclusively designed for the age group of 4 to 12 years. This kid-friendly routine attracts youngsters due to the refreshing music, aerobic moves, and fun element of dance.

Zumba in the Circuit

This is a 30-minute circuit that mixes a high-intensity Zumba workout. The circuit requires participants to move from one exercise station, to another in quick succession, alternating cardio with toning moves. Zumba Circuit is a high-intensity workout designed to burn calories and strengthen the muscles, in a short duration of time.

A Guide on ‘How to Zumba?’

Know your beat & groove

Before you start a Zumba session, know your song. Find a spot that can accommodate movement, and has a good music system. Discover the beat to add in your quirk & moves to synergies with the music track.

Simplicity is key

When you first start, choose songs that are easy to perform on, with iconic steps twisted the Corporate Zumba way, to keep everyone in the group energized. Follow a pattern that can be repeated in tandem, and let muscle memory take over.

Calm down & experience bliss

Be at peace with yourself, it’s human to forget a piece of choreography. It’s important to enjoy the process, by giving your best to every footwork, this fitness practice will surely make you perfect.

Develop a Space to ‘Be you’

This space comes without the judgmental norms of the society, you can jump, hop, swing, & also miss a step, but we are all in this together. Make every individual feel welcomed, as you allow them to be them.

Corporate Fitness Modules for Employee Engagement

Is Incorporating a Fitness Activity necessary for Corporates?

By incorporating fitness activities like fitness and wellness sessions in teams, companies can keep things fresh. A constant nudge to exercise, strike dieting and avoiding junk is not what is needed to keep your employees happy. An unwinding break of just 20 minutes workout can rejuvenate your lungs, sharpen your mind and energize your body. This magic wand truly helps brighten up every individual’s mood, indirectly having a positive impact on one’s efficiency. Thus, by integrating this fitness module in the corporate routine of every organization is mandatory to reap maximum productivity from every employee.

Can Active Corporate Zumba be organized ‘Digitally’?

You can. Nothing is impossible in this technically sound world. With Online Video Platforms like Amazon prime hosting Zumba workout sessions, with over 500+ YouTube Zumba channels, online sessions by trainers have been proved the feasibility of organizing Zumba digitally. You only need a good internet connection, an adequate amount of space to practice Corporate Zumba along & Bravo! You are good to go. This form of fitness for Corporates will not need Zumba, but also a great dose of interaction amongst colleagues to make this a success. Boiling down, to the fact with the recent lockdown situation, Zumba has taken over digitally to make everyone stand fit again.

Your Step towards Employee Empowerment- The Inspirit Way

Drafting employee engagement plans in the form of fitness modules is our core strength. We believe a fit employee is the best asset to an organization, thus one has to take adequate measures to routinely drizzle the corporate lifestyle with Employee Fitness Ventures. With Inspirit by your side, we help you draft your perfect employee engagement calendar, to empower your workforce toward better productivity. Customized Corporate Zumba sessions & other employee engagement solutions are now just a buzz away, get in touch with Inspirit to identify your scope of fitness modules in your organization.

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