Working remotely and Eco-consciously – World Environment Day Featured

Working remotely and Eco-consciously – World Environment Day Featured

Working remotely and Eco-consciously – World Environment Day Featured

Celebrate World Environment Day 2021 remotely with your team by harnessing this opportunity to propagate awareness of eco-consciousness.

While we, the Homosapiens, were sipping coffee, attending numerous online meetings, and scheduling zoom calls, our Mother  Earth detoxified and rejuvenated herself. Post the outbreak of the pandemic, we all were under a shutdown and the majority of folks were caged inside their homes. Let us detour from the shutdown and give some thought to Mother Earth and our environment.

Here is how we are staying at home is helping our planet heal.

  • Lower Carbon Emissions: First we saw it from space and now we can see it around us — the air is clearer. India has declined dramatically and ranks amongst the top 5 in carbon emissions. Even the hole in our Ozone layer near the Arctic has patched itself. Advanced end-to-end digital platforms and tools are accustomed to making end-to-end recruitments that have resulted in a reduction in carbon emissions.
  • Noise Control: The air is not just purer, but it is also quieter. Our ears do not seem to be growing better; they are just hearing lots more because of lack of public transportation, people on the road, and peak-hour commutes. We could hear everything from leaf rustling to birds chattering as decibel levels dropped across the board. As they do not need to compete with as many automobiles, planes, or jackhammers. For the time being, our world is less chaotic.
  • Cleaner water: Not only are our airways clearer, but the water quality has also improved. The lack of usual boat traffic brought on by thousands of visitors is benefiting the waterways. Images of a cleaner Ganga, as well as Varanasi, have surfaced in India.  Due to COVID-19, beach closures and travel restrictions have been implemented to reduce garbage entering the marine environment.
  • Wildlife takeover: With the sudden fall in air, water, and land travel, wildlife has taken advantage of the absence of human expansion to expand its range. It illustrates how much more the natural world could flourish if we just gave it some room.

Not only will this assist the organization, but it will also provide hope for a better future for Mother Nature. Here is how. 

  • Decreases Printing and Stationary cost: Working from home has made it a compulsion to only use digital means which lead to minimal or no usage of paper. Minimum or no usage means fewer trees will be slaughtered.
  • Decreases Organization’s overall Electric Supply: Post pandemic, mostly no one physically visits the office which means there is no electricity usage. Metric tons of energy saved!

And there are many more. Economical as well, right?

You have read until now?

Great! Now here are some ways by which you can contribute for our Mother Earth’s wellbeing by staying at home.

  1. Turn off your electronic gadgets when not in use.
  2. Separate wet and dry waste.
  3. Keep a bowl of water in your window for birds to quench their thirst.
  4. Buy only what is essential for you.
  5. Avoid the usage of plastic. If there is no other option, recycle that.

And I could keep going.

Employers, include your employees in your environmental vision by getting them engaged and involved. Participating in world environmental day is a noble cause for employees. Indeed, it also provides an opportunity for the potential improvement of employee engagement and emotional intelligence — both of which are key in keeping remote workers productive and satisfied. You will attract the top candidates for your vacant roles by building a green workplace where people want to share the same values so they can feel good about coming to work. For starters, they will be working as a team toward a single objectively honourable goal: environmental preservation, which will improve employee relationships.

When employees take an active role in preserving the brand’s green image, it promotes brand honesty, which leads to increased customer loyalty Starting with the promotion of wellness through a thoughtful and healthy work environment in your home, to enable members of your team to consider the broader picture, encouraging environmentally conscious work practices will help your people feel healthier, happier, and more motivated to prosper in your organization.

That is all.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.

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