Virtual Christmas Celebration Ideas and Activities for Team

Virtual Christmas Celebration Ideas for 2021

Virtual Team building activities have been on a rise ever since globally. With employees getting back to office, restrictions relaxing, & festive season advancing has opened gates to team outing events as well as virtual celebrations with the team. Striking the right balance with hybrid working is now the notion of every employee engagement activity organized.

Digital Games this Christmas

As we continue to responsibly celebrate our festivities, here are some amazing virtual holiday party ideas that our team can indulge in, while their remotely work! Some of our top virtual Christmas celebration ideas for 2021 include the team being highly engaged, & energized. With these digital team-building activities employees mingle with their far-away coworkers, making us share a laugh, brighten up our seasonal holiday party.

Top 5 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for Employees

1. Christmas Wingo

Virtual Wingo is a very popular board game of India, ideally names Tambola or Housie.  If you think, this game is about luck, well you got it wrong. This time Christmas Wingo, it’s not about luck, it’s all about your decision-making skills, on how you enhance your cognitive power & have great fun when playing with your team! Virtual Christmas Wingo, can take you on a ride & show you the highs & lows in the leadership board.

To claim yourself the winner of this nail-biting digital team engagement activity, wait till the last round.

2. Santa Abduction

One of our best sellers in the virtual escape room includes ‘Santa’s Abduction.’ During the magical time of the year our Father of Christmas, who spreads festive cheer needs your help. A group of greedy toymakers has kidnapped our Santa, to overthrow the North Pole toy workshop. They have snatched him away from his suit & sled and hid me in a secret location. As you take up this mission to rescue Santa, come prepared with wit, logic & team effort that will be required to save Santa this Christmas. We are counting on you.

Save Santa, Save Christmas

3. Geo Fiesta: The game of exploration

Embark on a rejuvenating journey that takes you around the world. In this thrilling game, you will be taken on a virtual journey where you will be challenged to guess the location by recognizing the surroundings. Your virtual self can walk around in the area you are in, visit streets, look for signboards, and try to guess where you are using your knowledge or google search. This virtual expedition with your teammates is going to be a roller coaster ride!

Are you ready to explore the world with GeoQuest?

4. Near Year, New me: Inside out

Inside Out is a gamified intervention very similar to a virtual treasure hunt that can rejuvenate and balance one’s body, mind, and soul. The team element further optimizes the engagement and encourages the participants to do their best to attend objective of team wellness. Tasks under every segment of the body, mind & soul will be unveiled as the game moves forward. The game requires the teams to solve clues, undertake meaningful tasks, and challenges and upload pictures and videos of them into the game.

Discover a new self this new year with your team!

5. Save Celebrations around the world

This New Year’s Eve party game let us dive into an adventurous journey with our team. New year celebrations around the globe are threatened by Joy Killer. As the clock ticks, will you & your team be able to successfully restore the hopes & party plans of millions? This virtual escape room series plot is an adventure ride, with a balanced mix of tasks that will require your team to collaborate, crack codes, question logically, & decipher the plan of Joy, the killer. After 18 months of no social gathering, your win will save celebrations around the world!

Restore the New year Plans of millions!

The Inspirit Way

This winter, organize some of the best virtual Christmas celebration ideas for your employees. With Inspirit by your side, we will ensure your team experiences the best engagement ever. We have it all covered for you, right from some quirky ice-breakers, and fun energizers, to rewarding the best team players, and celebrating Christmas virtually with your team! So let’s bring in all your employees together to kick start a jolly year 2022 with an awesome fun team-building venture this Christmas.

Indulge in our Christmas celebration, the Inspirit Way!

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