Indian Business Culture – The Knack of Effective Operation

Indian Business Culture – The Knack of Effective Operation

Indian businesses & work-cultures has always been an epitome of success to look up. #LetsThinkIndian as we reflect on the fast & furious leap of the world’s fifth-largest economy-India, to understand the nuance of operating effectively through thick & thin. The business operations have always been unique to the ethos that reflects the deep insights on the Indian culture, Values that one has been bought up with, Inspiration from Great Leaders, the void gap to explore innovation, as well as the deep passion to excel.

Necessity has indeed been the mother of all innovation & investments’ that have ever happened in the Indian Economy.

The Leadership style zeroes down to the emotional intelligence of the Leader. It’s not about Processes, but it is about People. The Indian Business Culture is not as strict on rules written and conventionally agreed upon. It is more about the unspoken factors that add to the management philosophy. Firms rooted here grow on their own stem & are usually crunched on resources, unlike other economic environments that exist in developed countries. Learning from scarcity, smiling on the face of rejection, facing the worse that could happen, business uncertainty with national tensions, the constant competition of standing out, etc. With a humongous population of 135.26 Crores, Indians have for sure learnt the very hack of Effective Operations.

The Indian Business Culture Resonates Jovial & Hardworking Nature of the Employees!

Lessons from the Indian Business Way

1. Imbibing the Sense of Mission

This attribute has been instilled in us from the very history of the great Indian rulers. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, one of the greatest leaders well known to welt the entire kingdom of the Marathas, with his loyal folks. He tried for his people, who were mostly farmers & to engraved a sense of purpose as a leader who walked the talk. To date, muffling this sense of mission has become the well-known Ikigai in Modern Management Principles.

While history has our back, Investing in employees to upskill & learn has always helped the organization/ kingdom achieve its goal.

2. Employee is your First Customer

The organization that strides together reaches the goal together. Well, accomplishing the missions of the firm can never be possible with a constantly increasing staff renewal rate. This was a lesson learnt by Jamsetji Tata in the 1900s. Then was the birth of the globally known HR practice of ‘People first.’ 8 hours of working, paid leaves, gratuity funds, insurances, etc. were all add-ons that could help the employee bind with the organization emotionally as well.

Indeed, the Kingdom is more important than the King.

3. Demographic Diversity

Diversity & Inclusion has been recent concepts that Human Resource Professionals ponder. Diversity has always been a strength in India & standing strong with this melting pot of diverse viewpoints has been a factor we looked up to. Where countries long was a diverse population, there is just one country that unknowingly strikes a perfect balance of localizing one’s network by dissolving boundaries to accept great ideas.

4. The Jugaad Principle of Business

In a country with great minds passing out of premium B-School & Tier I Institutes, one cannot alter their minds to consider the Jugaad Principle in times of need. Some consider this as an overrated idea, while others call it smart work. These smart workers are not really endorsing unethical work practices, but are living examples of ‘Go-Getters through Hook or by Crook.’ The power of patching up the frugal way is definitely how modern economics coined ‘Thrift- Finance Management.’

Learn From the Revolutionary Leaders

India has an entire assembly of Transformational leaders. The ones who have learnt continuously, enriched eternally, grown globally, & taught business internationally. Quoting below few of the unconventional Indian business owners who have exceptionally illuminated the world about one’s operations & work culture.

1. The Queen of Travel – Veena Patil

We all know her as the Founder and Managing Director of Veena World, a pioneer of speciality travel concepts and a renowned name in the travel industry with her enriching travel experience of 35 years. Veena is a curious dreamer, who believes in taking calculated risks to achieve her ‘Goal’ (Lakshya) through her hard work, innovation and sheer courage. Our People, our Team, our family, Together, We Can!

At Veena World, we believe there is no ‘I’ in a TEAM. Our goal of building India’s biggest travel company will only be possible if all 900 Veena World team members collectively strive all day, every day.

2. Corporate Kirtankar – Pushkar Aurangabadkar

In India, we believe everyone has the tremendous potential to build excellence with consistent hard work & learning. Pushkar Aurangabadkar is the ninth generation in his family who performs ‘Naradiya Kirtan’ – a spiritual folk art form of India. He has innovated a training methodology in this domain – ‘Corporate Kirtan’. With the help of his unique art form, Pushkar reaches out to Professionals from corporate Pan-India, social circles, & academic institutes to highlight the attributes of leadership by breaking through professional challenges related to working culture & progression. Corporate Kirtan explores business challenges through the modern wisdom of stalwarts like Simon Sinek, John Maxwell, Kurt Hann, etc; balanced with the spiritual wisdom of Sant Tukaram, Sant Dnyaneshwar, Sant Ramdas, Sant Eknath, Sant Namdev, Sant Kabir

3. The Coconut Man of India – Manish Advani

Motivational Speaker, Moderator, 7x TEDx Speaker, Award-Winning Story Teller and Song Writer. Mr. Advani is a renowned Business Leader with over 20 years of experience across diverse domains like Learning and Development, Content Writing, Change Management & Re-engineering. His session on, Humanizing One’s Individual and Corporate Brand. Too much Data Analysis could also lead one to paralysis in the age of artificial intelligence, disruption, robotics etc. As per the World Economic Forum, Service Orientation, Emotional Intelligence, Coordinating with others, and Negotiation are the Top 10 skills in 2020. One thing which will make us stand out as individuals and brands is how we humanize ourselves. Humanizing can be achieved by applying the essence of the age-old concept of Athithi Devo Bhava in today’s context.

The Inspirit Way

We highly resonate with the cultural standpoint of the Indian Way of Business Operations & Work culture. What makes us curious is the unique way of formulating a business plan & take actions accordingly, which has quantum leapt to effortless management strategies. The world today has a high opinion of the Indian Way of Business and the knack of our effective operations. #LetsThinkIndian

To know more about this bewildering business stance & learn from the transformational leaders themselves.

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