The Independent Women

The Independent Women

Women are known for their dynamic and versatile personality. The fact is every little girl whilst growing has dreams and ambitions which eventually change into more realistic and strong thoughts with passing time. Most of us reach the peak of success while some let go of their ambitions and dreams. However, the journey of every woman is different & challenging. It takes a big turn when women step into the world of a teenager, a young lady, marriage, motherhood and so on. In short, one woman wears many hats at the same time.

Who do we call an independent woman?

It’s true that quite often we ignore think about the struggle of working women in our society who perhaps deals with different routine and lifestyle. Have we thought about it? Maybe yes or maybe no… Let’s take a quick tour; On the one side there is a woman who runs a day with the help of a housemaid for daily chores and goes to the office; at the end earns well. Another lady, who wakes up early to finish all household chores by herself from cooking to driving to the office, sees her earnings as a second income. The third one is the one who has to support the whole family; for that she does everything & anything from household chores to taking care of kids/elders then rushes to work which might not be paying her enough; so, to compensate for everything she may have to use cheapest transport modes like buses, trains, share vehicle etc.

Among the three, who do you think, the more independent woman is? According to our society, the first one will be the most independent and then comes the second and the third, that’s because the measuring criteria of everything in our society is finance. For the first lady, dependence is a choice as her finance is stable and for the last woman, it is an assigned life than a choice. The second one is more or less an independent woman, whose living conditions are better compared to the third one. The third woman is struggling a lot and is becoming a stronger version of herself with time as she wants to do everything herself.

In my perspective, one size can never fit all; it is difficult to have an ideal definition of “independence”.

Today’s women are handholding men in every sphere of life & walking at par with them. The main reason behind this liberation is Education, the right environment & access to information. Despite hurdles that still prevail, women are no longer hesitant or apologetic about claiming a share and visibility within the family, at work, in public places etc. It is important to create an environment wherein they are more empowered to go the extra mile. Therefore, our efforts should be directed towards the overall development, not confining the benefit to a particular section of women in society. If lots of women become independent, it will have a positive impact on society. Hence, women’s empowerment is the need of the hour.

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