Smiling through obstacles is the Eternal Remedy!

Smiling through obstacles is the Eternal Remedy!

An important question that arises during the current phase is –‘How do we Cope up?’ and I have a perfect solution. To Smile is the ultimate source of strength, courage & hope for a better tomorrow. The motive behind every Digital Team Engagement held in the corporate today, to bring a smile to the employee’s face. As an HR here are few of the hacks I follow personally as well as in my organization to ease through this dilemma of the pandemic. Cast out the negatives, to view the positives with a hearty smile.

The past couple of months have been a roller coaster ride for all of us. Many have fallen victim to depression, loneliness, anxiety, and gloominess since they have to be confined in the four walls of their house. You can sense the fear growing inside them with the cases rising every minute. Individuals have locked themselves in their thought and the cruel mind is playing tricks on them leading them to poor demises all over the world. When I smile, I know that I’m not alone. Smiling through obstacles was a difficult task when I look back on the string of memories.
I believe every dark cloud has a silver lining, thus even during this unprecedented state, we must look at the positives, rather than focusing on the negatives.
“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”
This quote stands true for all such individuals who have kept their senses in the right place and have decided to fight and smile back in the face of Darkness. Such individuals are the tiny lights who are keeping the brightness still on with their little effort.

Smiling through obstacle an Eternal Remedy

In my lifetime; I could only remember most of my friends and relatives quoting that I have a beautiful smile and I always wear my smile. Smiling gives you tremendous strength & reinsures you even in the face of discouragement, pain & turmoil. A warm smile can work wonders because if I share a smile at least one person may return the favor. Smiling is a universal language that gives hope to everyone around to motivate them to see the ray of sunshine even in darkness.

Most of you would say it’s so easy for you to ‘Say’ than ‘Do’. Yes, I agree! But then falling prey to darkness isn’t a solution to the situation too, and just think; that if we want to find shortcuts to escaping life; it only leaves other lives connected to us in dismay and ever-growing sadness. Whether you are at home or you step out, wear a smile. I know people can’t see your smile behind the mask, but they sure can feel the vibes of your positivity so don’t forget to smile.

Life has to go on…

There are always options available. Here, either we can do is either give up or find that one thing that keeps us going. I think the latter is a better way of living through fear. Cause no matter we “Go on” or “Give up” life has to continue. Smiling through obstacles is the eternal remedy that gives us ultimate strength. Mankind has lived through so many pandemics before, we sure can handle another. One should be updated with things around, I would request you to watch the news, but not more than 30 minutes a day, avoid reading newspaper in the morning rather I would say read things that make you happy, that brings you positivity or makes you smile. I am sure you have to step out of your home, to buy necessities, travel to work just ensure you take safety precautions, eat healthy and work towards creating a better immunity for self since it is the only way you can beat this pandemic. Some things that I have brought into practice is the concept that even though we are all working alone from the comfort of our houses; we have been trying to keep everyone in a close loop. Thus setting up conference calls has not only helped us stay in touch and updated on the work front and but also in a personal way.

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Team Engagement Initiatives

It shouldn’t be always about work. As we all have heard; All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, so keeping the monotony in the picture. In my organization, we tried to arrange some online games, Digital Fun Activities, and R&R activities that everyone could indulge in from their places. This not only helps to refresh our mood and brain but also breaks the monotonous nature of sitting in one place to work and keeping everyone connected as a family. We do take fun very seriously and have put in the best efforts to make everyone smile and stay positive.

Last but not the least! Our Promoters have been doing their best to motivate all members by writing and sharing inspirational quotes and actively participating in all such activities. They have always encouraged open-door policy made sure to keep a tab of everyone and made regular checks with the staff members as they care about their employee wellbeing. Such initiatives boost the morale of the employees; gives a feeling of oneness with the Organization. We need to avoid panicking and keeping ourselves calm and face challenges. You can only help your loved ones when you are strong; it’s the time you need to be strong. Let’s strive to live better, help if possible, and never forget to smile.

Remember “Smiling through obstacles is Key”

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