For businesses, Mental Health issues amongst the Top 4 threats of Covid-19 fallout. Mental Illness in the Indian Corporates is increasing rapidly. Meet our Corporate Behavioral Coach Kanika Mehra, giving her insights on the importance of Corporate Mental Well-Being.



An apple a day keeps the doctor away. In the same manner, positive thought in a day keeps psychologist away. Read more Knowledge Shots on the Inspirit Way portal.

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Although we are going to should wave goodbye to all or any the theatres, over crowed places, gyms, bars that we all loved for a few time. If one good thing has popped out of those strange times is that in this lockdown people have realized that keeping fit necessarily doesn’t mean visiting gyms or to jog. With countless wellness solutions around the corner, one can easily choose Yoga, Meditation that helps to remain happy & healthy. we will use this chance to rediscover what our minds can do for our bodies in new spaces and upcoming times. Let’s follow the tiny tips in and post lockdown and emerge as a higher version of ourselves and not merely as survivors of a plague. Thus, the Corporate mental state is incredibly prominent during this WFH phase.

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