Recruitment Challenges during Pandemic: 5 Model Solution


One of the most critical jobs a leader has is to build a right team by hiring the best fit for the role. In this article, I have mentioned the 5 tips to take care while bring the right talent even during this crucial period of pandemic. What approach you follow to bring the talent in, will make your pen worthy of your role! Check if you made your pen worthy!

During my career, I came across many such occasions where I met different thoughts in having the right candidate for the role! With Recruitment Challenges during Pandemic posing as a There is always a debate to hire the right candidate, but what approach does a hiring manager, a business manager use during the process can make all the difference. This new experience is felt by both the candidate as well as the team, of course in the long run the organization too in many ways!

This happened some while back, I recall having travelled to a town in Haryana – Hisar a few years ago for meeting my sales teams as a routine exercise and one of the managers asked me if I have time for taking 2 interviews too! I replied, we can do it together in the evening and we met the candidates. The candidate we selected was out of the job! Yes, that was the outcome of the interview! The reason he shared was an accident he met and the last organization and the management could not support it, unfortunately. He was carrying all his medical documents and came well prepared and more so with all his certificates of recognition and rewards he won in his last roles!

Now, this was a difficult task for a leader above that business manager whose school of thought contradicted the process of hiring someone who is not in the job, and then the team is recommending him a hike as well! A small debate happened and interestingly we took the call of hiring him with all the hikes decided, the reason was simple, he was the best fit for the role! Later he became of one the top-performing individuals in the whole of the zone for that business. The individual later helped us with more right candidates as a reference and also praised the way the organization helped in bringing him on board with a hike! In one of the group meetings as a part of an exercise of meeting newly joined recruits, he shared, I felt very respected when I was given the offer to join a great organization and further with a good hike! He had tears of joy in his eyes as if the pain he suffered from not having a job for a year almost and the way he managed the family front was all over!! He was extremely thankful to the person who helped him reach the interview table! It was actually his new manager.

How you treat the talent when the candidate is in need is what makes you worthy of your role too! Having no job does not make someone bad, but treating him worthless may prove you are not good enough!

In this period of Corona, it reminds us to take care of this more so since a lot of people have lost either their jobs or businesses and many have got salary cuts. Now if such talent approaches you, how will you consider them is what the test lies for in making your jacket worthy too!

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Tackle Recruitment Challenges during Pandemic with 5 Tips

1. Treat them with respect!

A lot of people may approach you knowing your position and role, do allow them to share their CVs and if you do not have a role right now, kindly reply to them politely! See if you may want to share the resume in your circles. Least you can do that! No one knows who may turn out to be a savior for that candidate.

2. Check the credentials well

The process of interview must be a rigorous one! Take more insights into the strengths and how the candidate took charge of this situation. There is a lot who certainly may not fit as the best candidate, don’t be merciful here and compromise. This will be more fatal for organization and talent both. Rather this period is to hire better than the one available in the classroom already.

3. Pay them right!

If the talent is the right one and you are sure of hiring, pay the talent its right price. During the period of crises, his worth is more rather! Do not settle for a current situation.

4. Induct them right

This is very crucial when you are virtual, having a process clarity from the beginning itself will help. When people are around one may get help on the subject, but when you are virtual, the right person with clarity on all aspects is the only choice. What set of people the person joining in will see in the coming days virtually and how well it is planned and prepared will help the person settle through.

5. Understand the need to hire!

This is very crucial, in difficult times we still make a mistake! The business units must thoroughly do their homework if they need to hire for that role even if the best of the class is available to hire. In the process, I have seen a probationer pays a heavy price! There are people who lost their new offers, delayed joining, and even the jobs in the last organization when the decision turned the other ways. This is really fatal for any individual. Holding back sometimes is a better choice.

In the end, there are many choices, though we can just pick one, remember it always adds up to the delight or sometimes a dilemma. Recruitment Challenges during Pandemic is for sure responsibility for every HR. We have to make a wise choice, especially during this phase of virtual dependence.

Let’s make our Hiring Decision Worthy of Our Role!

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