Recipe to Success of Life By Success Coach Sushil Sanghvi

Recipe to Success of Life By Success Coach

Success Coach Sushil Sangvi highlights the 5 Ingredients to Success. His Style of imparting Learning & Development to the employees is very fun & engaging. In this knowledge Shot, he gives a gist about the importance of Growth Mindset, the secret recipe to success, 5 ingredients to climb up the ladder to achieve your goals. He made the mantra to success an easy game to achieve!

What is Required to be Successful?

Growth Mindset has now become a very generic term for many. Let’s hear directly from our Success Coach Sushil Sanghvi, what he has to say about broadening one’s mindset as well as the Recipe to Success of Life. He highlights the 5 Ingredients to achieve success, can you name them all? Let us know, what your mantra to get a step closer to ‘Success’.

5 Major Ingredients – Recipe to Success of Life

Our Success Coach Sushil Sanghvi has given us 5 Quick hacks to achieve success during these challenging times. A growth mindset has been a very important concept for all organisations, to imbibe the attributes of accountability & responsibility. Sushil has put forth these points in a great encapsulation shot of Knowledge curated for all the HR Managers, Business Leaders & Aspirants.

  • Hard work
  • Attitude
  • Growth Mindset
  • Positive Thinking
  • Discipline


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