With so many ongoing processes in the human mind, one can’t stop worrying about one’s health, money, families, work, or school. All those converted to anxiety & with time transforms to FEAR. It is important to overcome fear. This lays the foundation for every employee to face their fear of uncertainty & walk towards success. There are a plethora of things people are fearful of, but here are the ten most common types which we generally see:

  1. Overthinking
  2. Public phobia
  3. Lack of information
  4. Lack of confidence
  5. Past failure
  6. Faith
  7. Underperformance
  8. Rejection
  9. Personality
  10. Embarrassment


What can Fear in Employees Lead to?

Many stumble on their path, for them all doors are closed and they besiege by darkness instead of getting up and starting anew with an objective to achieve success. Being an HR we meet a lot of people with a different theory on FEAR, majorly uncertain about the future and each individual decide their own way to influence their capability & determine what they desire to achieve. There are several factors that affect us to become successful in the workplace.

Lack of Confidence

Many factors can make an employee down with their trust, where they did not meet with the require skillset, somewhere less experienced or  falling short of essential attributes that show performance & feeling of inability to succeed. These may happen when one has a lack of information as compared which makes it difficult to accomplish a goal set.

Under Performance

Failure to perform the responsibilities of the job position, the employee may not be clear about their profile or what is the employer’s expectations, because of which mismatch between an employee’s capability. Lack of self-motivation can be one of the reasons of poor performance where they may not be making the right decisions. Such thoughts may lead them to not invest enough in themselves to open new doors of endless possibilities.

Past Failure

In our life, we cannot see steps of success always, because each path is not supposed to be easy to fulfill our dreams, on the other hand, It is possible to get it. Many people affected do not feel the need to prove to others wrong, rather they succumb to the notions of not being able to handle work pressure, comparison with co-workers, set mind as their past defines their future etc. Hence, when they are being retrenched with negative thoughts, the result usually ends as a failure again.

Leadership Failure

In a position to lead the team, & ending up not achieving the required targets with the help of the team can spark uncertainty. Organizations always highlight ‘Leadership’ as the main role to increase business volume and make culture healthy in each aspect. Due to some of the major cause such as the incapability to handle a situation, handling work pressure, indecisiveness, refused to adopt new things and challenges, for all self-built objective life of leaders somewhere they may wandering off their vision of the goal.

Overcome Fear_Blog By Norveena HR

Identify, Understand & Overcome Fear to Face Success!

How to Overcome Fear?

Everyone has an inner strength that will arise & give light to everyone. How to Overcome FEAR which is holding you back, F.E.A.R is the only answer to the question of FEAR

F: FIGHT with Failure 

E: EASY to do

A: ACCEPT challenges

R: Ready for Success 

  • F: Fight with Failure: Failure is the key to success, Learn from the past & correct it
  • E: Easy to do: Overthinking always block your path to achieve your life’s AIM “Just do it”
  • A: Accept Challenges: Learning is never-ending, trying to do new things it may increase your inner strength
  • R: Ready for success: Be focus on GOALS, not obstacles.


3 Ways to Enhance Employee Happiness

1.  Employees’ Counseling

Sometimes employee not to say anything in front of subordinates, and It is necessary to know what their burning area which put them down rather achieve their goal. It can make them trust and comfort with their management, who only not see the volume of business but similarly take care of their employee’s.

2.  Change management

Transformation is always required in personal and professional life as well, It is a challenging and critical component for any organization to evaluate individual performance because at the same place with the same position sometimes difficult to analysis employee potential and may It can be covert low productivity, here give such task like as set up of new organization, new role, design new process, which is very helpful to understand employee thinking and behaviour also, and the motive is to ensure the employee participating and adopt new process has a significant impact on the initiative. Which increase on day one at their new workplace or with the new role.

Know More about Change Management: Dynamic Change Management in COVID Times

3.  Team building activity

These activities are purpose to improve team performance, and designed to develop stronger communication, It can encouraging employees skills and give the quality of work, sometimes due to public phobia an individual participating may it is helping to remove phobia when one vision one goal come together to work for a common objective employee can achieve their goal and prove themselves. Employee engagement during the new normal has its own pro’s to consider!

Do not stop to see dreams from one failure but take as a challenge and strive out continuous improvement rather than to make any limitation or boundary to achieve your desire, Just believing & push yourself because no one else going to do it for U that called

“Victory is beyond Fear”


The Inspirit Way

We highly agree with all the pointers mentioned by Norveena in this informative article. With our experience interacting with HR Managers, Business Leaders, we have found that Fear is contagious, it can spread through the organisation like wildfire. It is very important to be transparent to one’s employees to contain fear, always be a ray of hope. Virtual Motivation & Fun Pep talks can be a part of the workplace culture, rather than always discussing work, recent happenings, global politics, etc.

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AuthorHR at Future lifestyle fashion Ltd. Dedicated HR professional with 9 years of experience in managing a full spectrum of human resources practices and policies.
Norveena W Christie

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