Evolving Role of HR Manager as a Strategic Business Partner

Evolving Role of HR Manager as a Strategic Business Partner

A transformation journey from HR to Strategic HRM and Business Partner of the organization. Featured article on International Human Resources Day.

It’s been a long time to connect with you all but thought today is the perfect time to discuss a few things about the HR fraternity on “International Human Resource Day”.

So first of all a very Happy HR Day to all of you and a big salute to each and every HR for their selfless efforts to ensure the welfare of employees. Being an HR professional, I would like to take a few moments to appreciate the entire HR community, the unsung heroes in the organization who always keep on putting their efforts to connect the organization in every situation.

As we know that the HR is no more limited to only hiring and firing now, rather it’s playing a vital role as Strategic Business Partner. It may be related to recruitment, Learning and Development, Increment, Work-life balance, Technologies, Benefits, Medical emergencies and employee’s engagement and empowerment, there is only one answer as “Human Resource”.

In addition to that HR also plays the role of your counsellor, Motivator, sometimes as a peacemaker, a good influencer, a game-changer and shaping the entire organization culture as well. These all above are not at all my creation but words and regards I have received from my team members.

Let’s understand how HR is playing a strategic role in the transformation journey of the organization.

Human Resource; organizing the organization:

Today HR work is not only limited to administration but more emphasizing on critical decision making like deciding the organization Structure, designing the policies and processes, designing and implementing strategies that are flexible to the environmental changes, more aligned and internally fit business strategy. HR is performing a key role to demonstrate the value of the organization culture, inculcating the values among team members and distributing roles to the staff that are best suited them.

Human Resource; Managing the Talent for the organization:

We all are agreeing to this point that a company’s transformation depends on its workforce working for it and since HR already understands the company objectives, vision and mission hence they play a significant role in Talent Acquisition (Hiring the right Talent), Development, Performance Management and retention.

Human Resource; Shaping the Organization Culture:

HR is more and more focused now on establishing the performance-driven culture in the organization by communicating employees about the importance of their work towards achieving the company goal. HR is taking the lead role in designing the Key performance indicators and key performance areas which need to be focused on by employees to attain the desired success of the organization.

HR is taking a front seat in all performance review meetings with valuable points. They not only bring in their expertise but also empower employees to put their viewpoints and come up with viable mechanisms to achieve the set objectives of the organization.

Human Resource; Technology for Organization:

HR has covered an amazing journey of transformation from mainframe to internet world and various HR software to give valuable contributions in the business world. HRIS, ESS, ADP, Gusto HR, ERP, People soft etc are the best examples of those where we can record, analyze and retrieve information, necessary data and reports which is helpful today to make important organizational decisions. HR digitization and automation made the various tasks easy, less time consuming and enhanced the human productivity in the organization and also served to make critical decision making at the management level.

Human Resource; Counsellor, Motivator, Peacemaker, Change Agent and Problem Solver for the organization:

So it can be said that HR is the one point contact for above all solutions. Employees often connect to HR and see HR as a problem solver whenever they are dissatisfied with their work and workplace. HR always listens to their problems and offers possible solutions.

HR works as a communication link, a peacemaker, and a mediator between management and employees. HR represents the company as spokesperson and also works as a change agent whenever changes happen, HR ensures to execute the changes among employees and introduce the new system.

In simple words, I would say HR is responsible for the entire employee and organization’s life cycle and I understand this article is not enough to describe the character and importance of Strategic Human Resource Management and its contribution.

I would wish for all my colleagues to keep rocking, keep putting their efforts into this journey of Strategic Human Resource Management and keep contributing their valuable inputs in the growth and transformation of the organizations and most importantly Stay Safe.

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