New Normal Business Strategy For Every Corporates

Business Strategy For Every Corporates

Aristotle asserted “Man is by nature a social animal”. The pandemic has already started reshaping societies and economies, changing the way people interact and fabrics of their lives. Once we start returning to our old spaces those will now feel unfamiliar. The places have not change but the way we will navigate them is going to be radically different.

The pandemic has changed radically, by building new norms to live. Our communities & economies have been constantly drifting towards a healthier future. To justify the ‘Survival of the Fittest.’ Our thoughts, words & actions have drastically changed while we try to interact with this world of norms. The 21st Century has seen Sars, Mers, Bird flu, Swine flu, Ebola, and now COVID 19. The New Normal Business Strategy for every corporate has to be taken seriously to draft a Business Continuity Plan.

Well most of us are shrunk in our homes which we call our world for now. We wonder about normality: when will everything get back to normal and what will a “new normal” look like? It’s fascinating to think when we go back to live like normal but the truth is there won’t be old normal anyway. What does normal mean? According to Webster dictionary normal means standard, regular.

The Principle is to Stick to The Rule

There are three definitions of normality – (1) Statistical, (2) Aspirational, (3) Functional which end up colliding into each other during our everyday conversation.

  • In the Statistical view, normal is what most people in a group display. Normal is what is typical, what most people can do.
  • The random act of kindness even if short in supply, might be normal in the Aspirational view.
  • Functional normal means the way humans are biologically designed by natural selection of function. But this will all collapse in our conversation once COVID 19 is under control.

Most of us will go back to the routines that they follow, but rest assured the society will change for the better. So we kind of want to go back to where we were but also kind of don’t. As humans, we enjoy things that we are used to do, but we also resist change in our routine. We all deep down know that our journey won’t be a return so much as a departure. Most of us will return to the New Normal in a couple of months. For others, it will be a long road. Everything around us will change. We won’t step out without our masks. The society will pop up with handwashing stations. There will be a need for more open spaces to enjoy our freedom of movement with social distancing. The government will need to come up with plans in cities for already overcrowding of metro’s.

Aftermath the pandemic people will look more after their health; light walks or exposure to sunlight will have a positive impact on people’s moods. With fundamental changes that we will be bravely facing, we are positive towards adopting the new normal is our daily functioning. The old normal is the one in which our health care system and government were not prepared for pandemics, the new normal, in contrast, is like the old one, but here we are prepared for pandemics. Thus, a New Normal Business Strategy is crucial for both the employees as well as employers.

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When we finally get back to our daily lives we will face dismaying challenges for which we are not prepared. Health care and Scientist will try to ease these challenges, but the challenges will keep coming. Modern medicine is still relatively young. And our planet has seen Five mass extinction in 500 years, and despite infinite challenges we face on a local and global level, we will remind ourselves and each other that we will go back to normal. If there is something we hold onto at all in this, it is not our definition of normality but on our saying “We Will”. We’re not sure of how our future will look like but then that’s how we refer to our old times as our good old days!


Let us also ensure new normal business strategy & plan our work from home better. We will continue, that ‘We will’, has always been the norm not only of humanity but for all life. With multiple lashes to bear and heavy tides to sail through; we have actively adopted the mindset of – WE WILL

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