The Big Idea

An Efficient Transition where Campus Meets Corporate

It is through Industry Insights at every touchpoint, can an emerging leader be fully groomed for the future they trespass. Certain corporate expectations are untold in the B-school learning’s, that has to be replenished. With an uncertain business market, forecasted economic turmoil, & global recession down the line, our emerging leaders are the one’s who would find it difficult to cope up. With traditional MBAs getting not just tedious but also becoming an expensive prospect for aspiring students, the B-Schools are heading towards a disruptive change. Thus, the rise of effective leadership alongside our budding leaders of tomorrow was the need of the hour. The placement committee of the management colleges needs to understand the global talent scout, during & post-COVID phases. Moreover, it was about finding where the path takes you, while Inspirit’s makes the mapping towards your goal easier by connecting you with the right set of minds.


The Problem

The Right Decision to Make During Disruptive Times

Many articles support the idea of Business School Losing their track when it comes to practically equipping one’s students for the Corporate environment. Every Student wants to have a glimpse of different domains before they land their dream jobs, but are these just theoretical possibilities? Hands-on experience in the area of interest is key to the right decision. Freshers who have been passed out during this academic year are the one’s trying to fit in the mould of corporate requirements. Taking it up as it comes, is directionless, thus a strategic career progression was to be jotted down to accomplish one’s set goals.

The most common problem that circled the table was the need to acquire a B-School degree, allow this phase to pass, take up online classes, or utilize one’s time by opting for online certification, enhancing skills through digital webinars. Etc. Well, the end of the day, where Campus Meets Corporate, it is about what has fetched you the return on investing your time, effort, and money. Is the business curriculum foolproof to support the needs of the post COVID Era? Will there be massive digitalization & reduced humane touch to the processes involved?


The Solution

A Digital Event that Bridges the Campus to Corporate Gap

Inspirit decided to connect with Top Management Students PAN India for the Connect Program. We opened up pre-event queries for event speaker unveil, to ensure every student’s distant dream of asking a relevant question to the speakers themselves can be fulfilled. Our team made sure to connect with students who can represent one’s college as well as put forth a question to the panel of speakers even during the event, in a curated segment called Interactive QnA. The Campus Ambassador program announced pre-event, was a thoughtful step towards identifying potential representatives across India. These selected candidates will be further responsible to promote & leverage various C2C Connect programs in their Campus, that shall happen overtime. Many students approached us for an internship before EVOLVE was conceptualized, these opportunities came alive, when Inspirit announced its first virtual internship openings via this digital student event.

We invited subject experts, after thorough research on students expectations/ area of interest/ queries. Dr Adil Malia an Evangelist in the HR Industry, who put forth the acronym concept of A-Agility, D – Drive, I- Innovation & L – Learning during his workshop about Effective Leadership during Changing Times. Thoughtful questions such as Will the conventional ideas & theories still be of any help in the current scenario? Can the Black Swan Effect cause us potential harm in accomplishing our future goals? Effective Leaders are the one’s who into the glimmer of hope! The power-packed Panel Discussion that was held with Dr.Jessy Christin, Dr Ankita Singh, as well as Frederick Correa, was a blockbuster amongst the students. The sharp insights about different domains right from, ITES, financial advisory, AI, Human Resources to Infrastructure, Healthcare, Business Operations, The crux of imparting the need to understand one’s Ikigai was put forth by Mr Frederick in the panel, whereas Dr.Ankita rightly pointed out the importance of a candidate such as proactiveness, punctuality, innovative, collaborative, human capabilities since it is not always about the technical knowledge one might own. Dr.Jessy highlighted the factors of getting into a dream job, that identifies the effort from stage 1; Listing down the organization, networking with potential people in the domain & as rightly stated in the epilogue to find your Kolaveri (Passion & Fire) towards your aim in life.

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The Outcome

Impactful & Knowledgeable Event Experience

With over 30+ B-Schools and Institutes from around various Zones of India were a part of Inspirit Evolve, by creating a portal where Campus Meets Corporate. Our Event Experience score has again hit a new record of 4.75/5 with some amazing feedback given by the attendees. Organizing a jam-packed session for the young leaders of tomorrow was exceptionally executed by the team. Inspirit had dedicated a post-event social media creative that could help us understand if the students have thoughtfully evolved while they attended this enriching event. Even planting a ‘seed of thought’ into the minds of the young emerging leaders is an achievement for all the industry experts who were a part of the event.

This revolutionary step was much appreciated by our accredited colleges-TISS, PSG IM, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras, SVIT, IIM Shillong, IIM Ranchi, MILS, BIM, University of Calcutta, SJCEM, GNDU, N.L Dalmia, IMR, XIME Chennai & Kochi, IIM Vishakhapatnam, VSB, Pravara Institutes, LMIMS, etc.

We believe that every student who attended Inspirit Evolve could channelize their inner attributes towards in the post-pandemic phase. Start by understanding yourself a little better than yesterday, draw a map that can take you closer to a better tomorrow and thrive to identify your #ikigai also known as #kolaveri right from today. Inspirit will always be a part of your career progression as we highly believe in the principle of collaborative growth. Our timely dose of wisdom will be a continuous point of contact with every student who aspires to learn & grow with us in the Inspirit Way!

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  1. Great writeup about Inspirit. You summed it up in a short manner and highlighted the essential components and the motivation. Thank you for conducting and wish you all the best for future!


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