6 Ideas to Celebrate Digital Diwali with your Team

Ready to celebrate Digital Diwali with your Team? Gear up for the most awaited festive season of the year. This time, #OfficewaliDiwali is going to be double the Fun & Entertainment with family and colleagues in the same virtual room. So gear up for the virtual team experience with Inspirit. Dazzle with Diwali with our Top 6 Celebrations Offerings.

With more than half a year spent working from home, We won’t let you miss out on your annual Diwali celebration. Inspirit is here to give you 6 Ideas to Digitally Celebrate #OfficewaliDiwali The sudden changes have definitely affected the employee morale as well as the collaborative spirit. Diwali is one of the most lavishly celebrated festivals in every corporate. This year for the very first time employees are feeling a sense of void.

Ideas to Celebrate Digital Diwali

1. Gamified Gala

Connect with your colleagues to challenge & play some. Virtual Diwali Escape Room– A Fun Celebration with your Team. An online collaborative game with your team is a wonderful opportunity to unwind. Employees virtually hurdle up to solve the Multiverse of the Ramayana. This Diwali based Virtual Reality game can climax to a fun nail-biting end.

2. Sustainable Sessions

Switch to an Eco-Friendly Team Engagement Venture. Grow Your Green Thumb is a Team Sustainability Workshop that encourages the art of growing your food. Grow Your Green Thumb is a Team Sustainability Workshop that encourages the art of growing your food. Let’s make a vow together to reduce, renew, recycle, & upcycle during this auspicious festive celebration. 

3. Colourful Carnival

Paint, Sketch, & Doodle this Diwali, as your team, binds together. This engaging activity will dig out the nostalgic memories of your childhood. Missing your team building activity of painting diya’s, making paper lanterns, etc. We are here to make it virtually possible too. With Mosaic painting, Origami Art, we can all indulge to decorate our homes with beautiful self-made artefacts together!

4. FunTastic Fiesta

Groove to the Beats & Participate in a Virtual Drum Circle. This Gala Virtual Drum Circle, will synergies all the positive energies during this auspicious festive season. Dance & Music can never be missed out in any of our Indian Festival. With BollyBoom Digital Dance session, one can shed out the sweet calories you gained. A unique virtual drum circle can also harmonize the team as one.

5. Treatful Treaty

Diwali without Sweets & Savory? Emerge as a Master Chef. Grab this opportunity to cook a quick bite to earn brownie points on innovation & the least time used to make a dish. With a D.I.Y Digital Mocktail workshop, we blend, sip & swirl to enjoy this treat with your friends & family. You can be a Masterchef too if you can prepare a sweet within 5 minutes. Sounds challenging, give it a shot!

6. Cultural Celebrations

Entertainment in a Virtual Party is a Must. Sing, Dance & Feast. Spice it up with an Online Ethnic Fashion Show– Get Virtually Trendy! This is Inspirit’s pick of celebrating Diwali with your Team. Bring it some amazing performances in your virtual party, with an interactive illusionist, stand-up comic, digital music band, etc. to enjoy your sweet time with a glazing festive vibe. 

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