Corporate Employee Experience A Journey To Reimagine

Corporate Employee Experience A Journey To Reimagine

Employee Experience is one of the prominent factors that organizations now focus on, to differentiate their organization from the other. Striking the right key, is a continuous process, be it during induction, office work desks, non-working hours, and even while your workforce operates from home. I have tried to map an employee’s journey through the lens of an HR, to enhance Talent Experience in one’s organization.

No one ever imagined that Talent Experience will become so integral and important contributor to the overall role of Human Resources, in the last decade. The associates now do not only expect organizations to pay them a handsome amount and designations but overall, they look for what kind of culture we are creating, how do are workplaces look like, and what employee benefits and policies we provide. Corporate Employee Experience nowadays, yearn for how you Onboard a candidate makes a huge impact, how you handle transfer and movements shows the traits, in fact during exits the way we treat them and give smooth relieving indicates a very strong message. How will you describe all these processes, are an integral part of experiences that employees cherish during their tenure with the organization? Giving chocolate to an employee on his birthday is a tiny gesture that highlights family and care. That they belong here, and we treat them as equal to our family.

It is like our own family when we are welcomed well when we receive gifts and goodies on special occasions when we have people to listen and empathize with us when we need them most, and where we learn some principles, values, and traits to imbibe in our life. The same thing works in the professional arena with a few different dynamics, but the base is the same. Now you can question that we can change organizations, but we can’t change family, so true. Yes, we can’t, but the principle of togetherness remains a fact in other organizations too.

Something I Experienced

I would like to share an anecdote, of a new employee, who joined my organization, & my team executed his Onboarding formalities, when I spoke to the team about him, they were a little sceptical saying that it looks like he is hiding something and not opening much. I said he could be reserved and that’s fine on the first day at a new organization, but when I went through his details, interview feedback & resume, I understood he is very jovial and has an active personality who likes to talk. His silence now seemed to be a little confusing. I asked the team to make sure that we give him the best of Day 1 experience which we do with everyone, irrespective of if he is getting involved. The team gave it all in as they tried their best to make the best of Day 1.

A week later, I thought to meet him personally, so I went up to him and asked him about the work, team, and his decision of joining the organization and he felt emotional saying that “I’ll be very honest with you Manan, I never thought I will work here. I just came here because I had this offer and was waiting for another offer which was about to come on the same day so I thought to go for a day and see the things, but after getting on-boarded, meeting the HR team, my colleagues and seeing the culture that’s here, I was in a big dilemma that should I continue or not and 2 days before I decided that I will continue here and informed the other organization that I cannot join them, and you won’t believe I wanted to join that organization badly. To be honest, I have never ever got to experience this kind of behaviour and treatment towards the associates.

Yes, this story on Corporate Employee Experience has changed my decision & mind were his exact words!

That was my Eureka moment, we have been emphasizing and giving so much importance to the whole experience, and with such feedback, I felt like we were moving in the right path and this is something which is irreplaceable. Nothing can replace the experience. Initially, you might feel that paychecks can but later one can realize that only paychecks couldn’t make you feel like a part of the family and stay for long with them, it is the values and ethics which do.

What Is Future Holding

During this pandemic, the dynamics of experience have changed tremendously, the feeling of personalized efforts or human touch might be redefined till the time things go back to normal or we never know that this experience can now become the new normal. All the leaders across organizations are thinking and experimenting to bring that experience virtually or through digital avenues but time will disclose that these efforts will reap similar results, or we should keep on thinking differently till we hit the bull’s eye.

I will be sharing more thoughts around the same in my next blog, and if you differ or want to state your view, please feel free to express the same, and together we all can work on creating the perfect corporate employee experience lore eventually. Thanks for reading my blog and looking forward to your responses.

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