How To Strategize Your Job Search During COVID Times

How To Strategize Your Job Search During COVID Times

It has been observed that most of the candidates apply for the jobs but due to lack of searching strategy, tends to lose timely management of the same. When you are trying to find a new job, the most important part becomes a tracking of all your promising openings, applications, interviews about to happen or already done with and networking events. There are very simple steps, following which you can organize the same and stay updated accordingly. So, find below how you can proceed with the same.

Steps to Strategize your Job Search

I. Maintaining a spreadsheet

  • Creating a spreadsheet is a very helpful way to store, maintain and keep track of a variety of information related to your job searching. To make your spreadsheet simpler and information, you can include the below Coolum’s and start filling the same.
  • Company name – The name of the organization where you will/are applying or already applied.
  • Contact Person name – Mention the name of the contact person of that particular organization.
  • Contact information – Email if or phone number of the contact person from a particular company.
  • Date of application – Mention the date when you have applied for any opening
  • Application Summary (optional) – For your information, you can mention if you have submitted any documents.
  • Interview – You can mention the interview status, like when the interview will happen or already over.
  • Follow up – if you have taken any follow up from that organization or not and when you have done so.
  • Status of the interview – You can mention the status of your interview.

By drafting the above-mentioned information in a spreadsheet on Excel or use Google Sheets as a tracking tool. These are easily accessible on your smartphones. Feel free to use the conventional technique of jotting down with a pen/pencil in your diary as well.



II. Job Search Portals during COVID Times

Many of us do not about this or maybe we are not using it. These things are very important as we are mostly following digitization policy. Several sites offer tools for managing your jobs search. I must say being into the tech world we must utilize these benefits for our sake. I am going to mention a few website names which are free and paid as well. You can choose accordingly. Know about Some More

  • Jibber Jobber: It is a free website that keeps you informed about your number of applications you have done so far and what are their status. It also allows you to bring all your job search activities onto one portal, minimizing the time you spend going back and forth between websites.
  • Job search website: Through these websites, you can track your jobs applications. A big example is your LinkedIn Profile. As your LinkedIn profile acts as a digital resume for the companies. So you must invest time into this to maintain properly.

III. Use of Your Phone

Mostly nowadays we use our smartphones more than our laptop or desktop. So if you also fall into this category then you also have the option to organize your job search via job management apps. You can also track all your applications using notes or spreadsheet apps. Below are a few mentioned for your benefits:

  • Job search organizer
  • Hijob

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3 Tips For Staying organized while you Job Search

No matter what strategy you choose for keeping track of your job search, stay organized throughout the job process.

  1. First of all, simplify your job search.
  2. Apply to jobs you are really interested in and fit the qualification criteria.
  3. These strategizing methods will help you limit the number of applications you have to track and enable you to focus on job openings that truly matter.

The point of organizing your job search is to help reduce stress during the job search process. So, don’t let the process of organization stress you out. If you download too many organizational apps or use too many job search management sites, you can wind up with even more work to do. So just remember to focus.

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