Productive Workplace with a Healthier Lifestyle during lockdown


Ensure your employees are at the best of their health, to uplift the Fitness Quotient of your firm. We have categorized various drivers that affect the workforce in this blog. An employer can enhance these niche pointers, into an elaborate and interactive worksheet for one’s employees. Let’s take our first step towards a Healthier Organization.

Building Immunity is now, one of the most spoken about the subject during the current pandemic. Thus, building a productive workplace, hearty & healthy gives out their maximum yield to the organization. A healthy eating habit can easily influence, one’s fatigue levels, sleep cycle, deprivation of nutrients, etc, which leads to the complications of stress & other lifestyle ailments. A person can see the visible transformation by following the 80-20 rule, wherein 80% is for diet & 20% remain for exercises. However, the right blend to attain a healthy living is a combination of both. Thus, applying the 80% Nutrition & 20% fitness, is to emphasis on the importance of ‘Healthy Eating.’

There has been a significant rise in the cost of Healthy, organic produce in the market today; one of the steepest rise since the 1970s. The shut doors of the restaurants & popular fast-food chains, has increased footfall in the local markets, for fresh fruits & vegetables. These magic immunity boosters, has suddenly gained the spotlight, since masses have now started to understand, the importance of Healthy Living. Taking their first tiny steps towards a Nutritious Diet

How do you Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle?

Though it’s important to follow a healthy living, an employer is equally responsible to provide a productive workplace for their employees to function. The increasing demands in Active fitness programs, diet & nutrition, health check-ups, etc. are all a part of initiating this step. Such programs can help the team collaborate & assist them to improve their well-being at work and at home. These programs kindle us to be optimistic; while we attend a huge pile of work or battle stress or even while we do our household chores. Encouraging a small initiative, such as a vegetarian diet challenge, juice cleanse day, Salad Brunch, etc can add to the employee engagement quotient along with the health & nutrition aspect well monitored. At times, it’s about how many of us are genuinely interested in the idea of healthy eating. Let’s all imbibe the quality of Nutrition & Health towards a brighter future.

While you plan a health program for your employees, try your best to know the interests of your audience. Simple Survey techniques, in the form of Google forms, can work wonders, to extract first-hand insights from your employees. Let’s help you plant a seed of ‘Nutrition’ amongst your organization, here are some sample questions from the survey, that you add to know your employee’s needs better.

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  • Are you interested in a ‘Healthy Eating Program’?
  • Are you looking for General Nutrition Information, in the form of Diet plans?
  • Do you want the program to talk about lifestyle ailments, prevention & cure with Healthy Eating?
  • The Age Group and other Demographic factors of the Target Audience.
  • How often do they require the Health Program to be conducted?

7 Ways to Jumpstart a Fitter Lifestyle

Employees while they work, tend to forget their nutritional requirements. The office cubicle might seem like a place, where deadlines are more important to be met, rather than your nutritional needs. When compared to the current lockdown times, we have understood, our workforce is still not taking enough care of one’s holistic health levels. The organization has to take immense care of its workforce, to help them strike a perfect work-life balance. Inculcating training in the right segments of knowledge can be of great help to the workforce. These are some of the ways to leverage productive workplace for your employees.

1. Fruits & Vegetables

Consuming a diet profuse with diet, anti-oxidants, fibers, natural sweets, etc. can improve the functionality of the heart health to a great extent, as compared to one who consumes junk. Having a wide range of raw fruits & veggies can also have a positive impact on mental health in the long run. Research of Otago University, New Zealand states, intake of Fruits & vegetables can lead to one being more curious, creative & engaged!

2. Include Good Fat

Not all fats are bad for your health. You can now include Good Fat in your diet & not compromise on taste; let’s together burst the myth of ‘All Healthy Food is Bland in Taste’. Dietary fats are essential for the wear & tear of the body functions. Mono & polyunsaturated fats are included in your daily diet to lower the risk of heart disorders, cholesterol levels, Blood pressure levels, etc. Adding Healthy Fats makes you feel satisfies after a meal, thus promoting weight loss, after prolonged use. Thus, ensure your office pantry is healthy, to promote productive workplace.

3. Avoid Processed Food

Cut back from the extra basket of junk & over-processed food you pick from the supermarket. Instant food, canned items, frozen food are normally preserved with the help of various additives & preservatives. Excess amounts of salt & oil, in other fast food, can lead to water retention in your belly. Thus, avoid them slowly & substitute processed food with a fresh variant of fruit, vegetable whole grain, healthy fat, natural sweeteners, beverages, etc.

4. Exercise

One cannot skip the importance of exercise in one’s routine. With 20% of the fitness index lies in the number of hours you spend in a physically engaging activity, counts on your fitness chart. Exercise does not only mean gym, but any other activity such as brisk walking, playing a sport, swimming, jogging, cycling, etc can also count. If your employees do not find enough time, to sweat it out, and HR can conduct a weekly active fitness workshop such as Zumba, Dance, Yoga, etc.

5. Water Intake

A human essential and the most significant source of life is water. This fluid keeps the body processes & functions smooth. Recent studies state, water can aid in weight loss, when consumed before a meal, to reduce the amount of intake. Let’s start with a basic goal of 8 glasses per day, with a tiny easy-to-monitor calendar/ reminder set on your work laptop or PC. These simple steps help you at least get up from your seat to fetch a glass of water for yourself regularly throughout the day.

6. Sleep Cycle

Sleep is essential for survival & health. One may live without a holistic nutritional intake, but cannot survive without sleeping. We have to ask every employee if their sleep time is optimal enough, to keep them fresh & active throughout the day. An average adult should get at least 7 hours of sleep every day. Sleep-cycle may be altered or affected by stress at work, over-eating of junk food, late-night TC, binge-watching Web Series, etc, can lead to a not so healthy lifestyle.

7. Intermittent Fasting

This routine is called the detox of your body. Intermittent fasting is an eating cycle between prolonged fasting periods. Emptying the body & eliminating the toxins from the body, stimulates growth hormones, Increases metabolism, and the system reboots. Organizations can have a Reboot Intermittent Fasting day once a month. Studies have also shown, that fasting and mindful eating can enhance concentration & focus.

Enhance Organisational Effectiveness Through Healthy Lifestyle

Employee Morale & Immunity Booster

Globalization demands effective team performances for greater output, rather than just an individual employee’s effective contribution today. Every organisation should measure one’s team’s efficiency to account for the firm’s entire volume. To bring out the best performance potential from each employee, the employer is responsible to take care of their health & well-being to directly impact the business. Our front-line workforce should be given our utmost care, hospitality & attention. Here’s comes the Corporate Wellness Modules in place. Various Discussions, focused debates, health days can be commemorated during office hours. This not only boosts the employee engagement quotient but also aims to fit in a ‘Healthy Habit’. This habit then paces its way ahead to become a ‘Healthy Lifestyle.’ This universal knowledge is rightly stated in the form of a quote – “It takes 21 days to Build a Habit & 90 Days to Build a Lifestyle.”

A Step towards Holistic Organisational Plan

At Inspirit we understand, the importance of a Productive Workplace for a Fit Organisation. This has helped us to shape customised plans for every firm, based on the industry. Our Corporate Nutrition & Health Facilitators will help you enact a healthy change in your organization, through a gradual incremental process. By unfolding every employee’s health & fitness .goals, while the trainer chalks a plan towards the same, makes the session more collaborative. Thus, by implementing this module, we believe a Stronger Employee Foundation, can hold an Organization together.

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