Harnessing Employee’s Strengths with Ravi Kumar

Harnessing Employee’s Strengths with Ravi Kumar

Employability is the talk of the hour, with many losing their jobs & freshers looking for Jobs in the same prerogative. Ravi Kumar is an HR from Roche Diabetes Care has effectively used the Gallup Strength Finder for improving business performance & capitalising on an individual’s expertise. This great tool has been used to collaborate, & understand the team in better light.
Harnessing Employee’s Strengths for Performance Management and Developing Competencies With Ravi Kumar, Head People & Culture, SHE at Roche Diabetes Care India. Team Inspirit’s Aniruddha Bidkar & Vaibhav Yadav are in conversation with Ravi Kumar, an experienced HR Professional with a demonstrated history of achievements across industries. Ravi shares his subject expertise in the niche domain of managing performance by focusing on the strengths of the workforce.

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Start by knowing your own strengths, developing required competencies, and opening your heart out to opportunities that interest you. Using some of his actionable steps towards building a strong organization, the principles mentioned can help Business Leaders & Human Resource Managers (HR) to Maximize Potential and enhance Performance. Step-up your game as you plan your growth strategy in the Corporate Canvas today.

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The Inspirit Way

This video interview rightly talks about the significance of the Strength-Based Leadership & a True Leader will strive to understand not only the employee but also their strengths. Mr Ravi has beautifully highlighted the importance of being self-aware about one’s talents & emotions. Talent Acquisition & guiding an employee through the Employee Experience path is high can definitely be improved by following the Strength-Based Philosophy.

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