Grooming Future Leaders & Importance of Procedures

Grooming Future Leaders & Importance of Procedures

Grooming Future Leaders

Team Inspirit’s Aniruddha Bidkar & Vaibhav Yadav are in a candid conversation with the Head of Business Operations of Airbus Group- Vivek Kalia, who has also been a proud commanding frontline officer of the naval warship, Ex-Indian Navy Director of Procurement and Head HR Naval Aviation. He is a resolute & result-oriented Leader with a passion to learn, adapt, and thrive.

Vivek believes in creating value through well-defined processes with effective collaboration amongst stakeholders. The striking similarities between the work culture of the Corporate Sector and the Indian Navy have been sharply resonated through this interview. ‘Failure is Mine & Success is ours,’ has always been a Leadership Mantra of Integrity to Move from Failure to Success the Inspirit Way!

Periodic Training from a Business Perspective is very significant in the Corporate Culture. Leading by example, Walking the talk & Practice what you Preach have always been the functional strategies to create leaders within an organization. The discussion highlights the importance of Learning, Constantly Adapting and Living in the Moment, while you make the best of it count! Let’s build high-performance teams & super organizations by taking ownership, motivation to involve every team member in our actions & standing by every decision you take.

Grooming Future Leaders is a step-wise process. The first step in any successful leadership is to identify colleagues who have the pre-requisites qualities to lead. Just as critical is ensuring that the people you pick understand the unique nuances of the organization’s culture and are able to apply that understanding to the decisions they make as leaders. Starts from the basic potential shown during the procurement processes itself. A Good Leader will always identify & encourage a ‘Future Leader’ to be.

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