Employee Engagement Trends during WFH!

Employee Engagement Trends during WFH!

WFH has seen a lot of virtual challenges either initiated by employees or HRr in the organization. Virtual Fitness Challenges is the biggest hit of the season with so many companies conducting wellness sessions for their employees. Digital connection is the new normal in the era of social distancing!

Coronavirus, our much-reviled, unw¬elcomed guest, prompted a few changes, as work from home (WFH) became the new normal. Such an unprecedented global event, which continues to spread like a bush fire, corporates are encouraged to work from home to stay safe. In a perfect world, your team churns out exceptional creative work. They’re productive and profitable. But the other unfortunate truth is without other co-workers around you, you may not be as productive when working from home. Some of Employee Engagement Trends are highlighted in this blog.

Digital Employee Engagement Trends with Social Distancing

Employee engagement is essential in the effort to understand and enhance the nature of the relationship between an organization and its employees. For any organisation, a team of fully committed, engaged employees who will always go above and beyond is an incredibly valuable asset. Employee Engagement is a must-do during this work from home culture. In this WFH period, most forward-thinking organizations have prioritized employee to employee engagement. This is an opportunity to help your employees understand that you care for their well-being, not merely to gain more productivity, but because that is what the organization believes in. Here are some measures organizations have been following to maintain team cohesion, maximize employee productivity, and fulfil the social needs of teams while employees transit to this lonely work from the home phase.

Trending #1: Chai Pe Charcha

Do you remember the coffee breaks, regular water cooler chats, and those senseless talks with your colleagues in office?
Many organizations have already adapted weekly virtual chai/coffee sessions which are replacing the regular water cooler chat. After a long boring week, it’s time to lighten up your mood with some fun Chai pe Charcha conversations. Although taking breaks might seem counterproductive, research has shown that taking short breaks can increase productivity and creativity levels. Colleagues are having a good time simply chatting and talking about what’s happening in their life as they would in the office while sipping their beverage. Some organizations are recreating the social connection that happens over mealtime with shared lunches, this time in a WFH-style.

Trending #2: Virtual Fitness Challenges

More and more companies are taking up wellness initiatives for their employees. A healthy Work from home lifestyle is blooming by challenging your colleagues on social media with push-ups, squats, strike a yoga pose, weight lift your kid dare, dance & Zumba! Inspiring the rest of the globe & keeping up the team spirit can be counted to stand as a strong organization. A healthy morning routine can surely relieve your stress around in the air. When your employees are free of stress or health ailments, they tend to be more inclined, focused, and productive. Fitness challenges boosts energy levels and employee morale towards the brand, making them more productive at their desks. The fitness challenges are designed to make people more flexible, with a well-maintained posture while improving their muscle strength and cardiovascular health. Making an employee more confident at work, home, & life overall makes them a bursting bubble of energy.
Give it a try if you haven’t done yet. Start with basics and excel with time. If your organization needs an expert to help you Inspirit is always here.

Trending #3: Placard Messages

The most Employee Engagement Trends thing on the social media platforms, boosting positivity during WFH, people click their pictures holding a placard with some message written on it, and club it with their team members making it a whole message and posting a group picture just to spread awareness and encouraging people to stay at home. WFH is great for work-life balance. It increases ownership and performance. It trains people to be focused and disciplined. Don’t let social distancing make you feel disconnected at work. Get creative with how you stay in touch and make it fun. While loneliness can be a problem for people who work remotely, making it a priority to schedule virtual events with your team can go a long way.

Trending #4: Awaited Fridays

What’s better than enjoying that last evening with the office colleagues before the weekend begins?
Many organizations are making sure to interact with their teams once in a week in an informal way, where they all enjoy it in the comfort of their home. Playing team games, such as a version of Pictionary, troop talks, online games like UNO, Ludo, Monopoly. Tambola etc. to keep up the healthy competitive spirits amongst various departments. Some are even having a surprise guest lecture to share an inspirational story or even an open mic session to showcase the hidden talent of their employees.

If the coronavirus continues to prevent people from going to the office, more companies may need to try strategies like these to help keep their workers happy and connected. We understand that all this can be troublesome at times. You can always try our experts having a wide list of solutions when it comes to Employee Engagement. We believe Employee engagement is the fuel of an organization. And even if an organization is good at it, we can all get better at it – and maximize that fuel.

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