Healthy Eating to a Healthy Mind! Unlocking the Secret

Healthy Eating to a Healthy Mind

Today many of us, in the corporate space are suffering from various Lifestyle diseases making us unviable and this can impede us from achieving our goals & dreams. We need to keep our body worry-free because what we eat & drink will be walking & talking tomorrow. In this blog, we will solely focus on understanding the science behind most of the health problems. As it is rightly stated; wherever there is a problem there is a cause that has initiated the problem. If you want to get rid of the problem, you must first remove the cause and to remove the cause you must first know what the cause is.

The Fundamental cause of health problems

The root cause behind most of the diseases that the modern world suffers from in today’s day and age is the ‘Accumulation of waste inside our body.’ Let’s unlock the myth behind Healthy Eating for a Healthy Mind.

How is waste accumulated inside our bodies?

Imagine you eat an apple. Once the apple leaves your hand and enters your body a lot of complicated processes take place. But to keep it simple, one main process that the apple passes through is the Digestive System. The body keeps what it needs and the rest is converted into waste which is excreted through four detox channels from your body.

  1. Stool throws out intestines waste
  2. Urine throws out kidneys waste
  3. Sweat throws out skins waste and
  4. Breath throws out lungs waste

Now, that most of us rely on bottled, canned, packaged, frozen & processed food for instant consumption, we regularly ingest the wrong food and have poor lifestyle habits. Prolonged consumption of such foods causes our detox channels to get blocked leaving excess toxins to remain rampant in the blood and in the digestive system. The blockage of detox channel is a major problem because the waste is no longer exiting the body, instead, it’s accumulating or building up inside and that is the root cause of most diseases.

What happens once the waste is accumulated inside our body?

The Most Common obstacle towards Healthy Eating for a Healthy Mind is the lack of understanding on the following subject. When the waste is clogged, there is a traffic jam of toxins inside the body. Any disease no matter what its scientific name is, basically caused by clogging of waste inside the system. Let’s introspect

What is obesity?

Nothing but years and years of toxic waste stored in the body.

What about heart problems?

The accumulation of waste matter that turns into toxins, i.e. cholesterol, fats that clog the cardiovascular system, and hardens the arteries.

What about skin problems?

Skin problems like wrinkles, acne, spots, etc arise since toxins have to force their way out through your skin.

What about hair problems?

Hair fall, thinning of hair, again that’s nothing but toxins in your blood that make your blood turn heavy so that it can no longer travel up till your head and because there is no or less blood circulation happening up there automatically there is hair fall.

The same story is true for high blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, cervical, stones, cysts, eczema, bone problems, acne, excess weight, hair problems you name it, it’s nothing but toxins in your body which have been given different scientific names.

‘Fast Relief’ Claims Misguide People

People desperately try to hide skin problems with surgeries, creams, serums, etc. but that’s not right, you are just trying to hide the symptoms but underneath it’s still rotting away. If something is not well inside your body, it will show up on your face. The outer you is just a reflection of what’s happening inside you. Simply putting something on your face will not heal your intestines, liver, pancreas where the problem actually exists. People with hair problems apply tons of products expecting their problems to be solved. Nothing you apply from outside no shampoo, no cream, no serum can make your blood thin, but for that to happen you need to clean up the mess inside first.

Many innocent people are the victims of pharmaceutical, junk food, fast food chains, the meat & dairy industry. These so-called food companies are not selling foods, they are selling products to make a lot of profit out of it and we are so enticed by these companies that we eat stale food, processed food, refined food which is not digested in our body, it rots inside and it attracts different diseases. Then we buy different kinds of medicines, serums, drugs, etc because no one taught us another way of getting rid of the trash that is accumulated in our body. If you have any sort of health problem be it big or small all you hear from health care workers or media is take this drug, pop up a pill and you will feel better again. Sure, drugs do take the symptoms away but every time you stop taking them the problem reappears, and every time it reappears, it actually gets much worse than it was in the first place. This is because medicines do not remove the root of the problem. They are not designed for that. They are designed to only suppress the symptoms, it’s just like putting a carpet on the garbage and over time the side-effects keep adding up which again harms your body.

There is no magic pill, no magic herb, no magic drug, no magic machine, etc. that will get rid of toxins inside your body. You have to eradicate the source of the problem; you need to CLEAN YOUR BODY INTERNALLY. Know about our Savik Lifestyle Corporate Offering.

Healthy Eating for a Healthy Mind

As per the Greek’s perfect phrase on Human interrelationship ‘A strong mind in a strong body’. If you’re mentally upset, you can walk miles, but if you’re physically sick then clear & constructive thinking is virtually impossible. By raising your physical health standards your mental ability will increase accordingly.

It’s difficult to believe, but the cure of the biggest diseases lies simply in detoxing the waste, that’s because all our lives we have been conditioned to believe that big problems require big solutions. But big problems are rarely solved by commensurately big solutions instead they are most often solved by a solution carried out regularly, sometimes over weeks, months, years and sometimes over decades. Good health can be maintained through a disciplined lifestyle, regular exercise, healthy food, positive thoughts, personal hygiene, cleanliness, etc.

You Can Create A New Healthier You!

  • Once the waste is flushed out of your body, all diseases will be cured at once no matter where they are located and no matter how long they have been there.
  • You can then see the New, Healthier You revealing itself! The next time you step on a weighing machine you will weight ten pounds less or maybe even more and the next time when you get your blood tests done you will no longer have the disease for which you had been taking pills for.
  • Your muscle tone will be healthier, joints of your body will be more supple, eyes will become brighter, your skin will glow, the hair will shine, you will look different, feel different, your entire body will throb with a state of well-being which makes you glad to be alive because being diseased is not our natural state as human beings. Our natural state is to be healthy bustling with vitality, energy, and happiness.

According to me, doctors or healthcare workers operate from the disease model perspective. They are in the business of treating sick people. They are not in the business of trying to prevent people from becoming sick. I believe that there’s a system out of place and the world is so asleep that people intuitively just follow the system without thinking and it’s because they are asleep, it’s not because they are not motivated. We can awaken our organization to be the generation that ends diseases from this world.

Understand Immunity & Nutrition from the Subject Matter Expertise. Make a Healthier Choice Today with your Team.

The notions explained in this blog about Healthy Eating for a Healthy Mind; are just one side of an entire story that discussed the theoretical aspects of Health. The fix is to follow a healthy Satvik Diet i.e. Plant-based foods which are obtained straight from Nature because a mother knows best. There’s a reason she gave us sugarcane and not sugar, potatoes, and not potato chips. Let’s connect to Mother Nature to get back on track with an optimally functioning body. It’s time to uplift every employee Nutritionally towards a Healthy Future.

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