In my last blog on Corporate Talent Experience, I wrote about how experience plays a pivotal role in an employee life cycle, one of my eureka moment and experience and in this blog, I would like to emphasize more what should we expect, how does one digitally enhance employee experience in one’s organisation and how to be prepared from a future perspective. As an employee-focused organization, we have to be progressive concerning our thoughts and actions defining experience.


The Future Era of Employee Experience

When everything around us is so much digitalized then why not leverage and use it for scaling up the whole process of employee experience? We have to partner with technology and put our efforts accordingly in this journey. Like how we can leverage Artificial Intelligence in enhancing overall Employee Experience is quite surprising and effective. It is going to be one of the most important and critical partnerships in the future era.

This whole automation and digitalization have undeniably pushed us to explore those aspects which were not thought upon by most of the population. The perfect and most realistic example of this can be experienced during pandemic where most of the things came to stand still but because of automation and some key digital interventions we have been delivering similar results like Virtual Onboardings, Identifying Collaboration platforms, etc. Though I am a very strong advocate of more humane deal &experience technology have been of immense support for employee lifecycle& growing deeper connect

Digitally Enhance Employee Experience

HR Tech Hacks to Digitally Enhance Employee Experience

1.  Payroll & Compensation

Like for managing Expenses and Benefits of employees, till last decade there used to be a long and tedious process to submit the claims and reimbursement manually on papers, then came to excel sheets and now it’s just away at a click of the phone. You can click the photo of a bill and it can capture all feed all the details automatically and you will get the Reimbursement as per your eligibility.

2.  Virtual On-Boarding & Induction

Another perfect example could be, Virtual paperless Onboarding which no-one believed could happen a few years ago. The major data points to change in WFH employee processes and initiatives is happening based on the analysis which is possible through these systems. The one close of my heart is celebrations, wherein we are still able to endure that culture of joy, oneness and team through some of the engagements in which associates are participating online.

3. Digital Festive Celebrations

The biggest advantage which we could achieve out of this is deeper involvement of family members and they are joining in multiple activities, cheering their families which definitely couldn’t have been possible without strong and capable tools to support. For instance, during Independence Day there were a lot of kids who actively participated in various activities which might not have been possible if done in the office.

4. Virtual Rewards & Recognition (R&R)

There are so many avenues where we can intervene and put across unique HR practices. But I would like to end it by quoting one last example of rewarding, though nothing can substitute large applauds by our colleagues in front of the organisation but still with help of technology we have been able to achieve almost similar kind of experience with some amazing virtual rewarding concepts.



So I would like to conclude by saying that with fast-paced changing sets of expectations and trends, we also have to wear different hats and come up with most unique and innovative solutions to enrich Employee Experience and should work on it continuously not as a onetime exercise! Thanks for taking out time and reading this, your viewpoints will surely help all in making workplaces more prominent and stunning! 

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As someone rightly said

“If you want to build a ship, don’t get people to gather wood, instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”


The Inspirit Way

Digitally Enhancing Employee Experience is not the destination, but it is a journey right from joining an organisation to being there & successfully serving the tenure. Indeed Manan’s views have inspired us to take this trail beyond. The tiny boosts of excitement, happiness, appreciation can help the employee march ahead for a longer run. Be it in-office or digitally, employee experience has been one of the most important aspects that an HR has always been focused on. This blog will surely help every business leader, HR Manager to learn, inspire, organise & execute this piece. 

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