Decoding Design Thinking With Ajinkya Bidkar


Decoding Design Thinking With Team Inspirit Ft. Ajinkya, Aniruddha & Vaibhav. Find out how Design Thinking is essential to Find Solutions to the Corporate Problems faced in the 21st Century. Our Design Thinking Expert has shared his insights on the 4-I Process that one should opt for to pave through a problem at sight.

Decoding Design Thinking

Launching Inspirit’s very own Video Interview Series. Welcoming our first guest Mr. Ajinkya – An Avid Industrial Designer who is on a Mission to solve Corporate Problems with a set of curated tools. This episode on Decoding Design Thinking is a fun & trivial venture that Mr. Bidkar has helped us through. Interviewed by Inspirit’s Co-founders Aniruddha Bidkar & Vaibhav Yadav, who believes that People Management can be taken a notch higher to improve an organisation’s holistic Employee Experience.

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Ajinkya shares his Insights about Design Thinking & how this process is used as an Effective Problem-solving tool in Corporates. This causal discussion brings out the detailed nuance of Design Thinking. To indulge in this Solution Finding Module get in touch with Inspirit.

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The Inspirit Way

No setback can bring you down unless you want it to. The crisis faced by our economy today has been a blessing in disguise to many unknown businesses that gained popularity overnight. We believe every employee in an organization has the potential to transform their firm into a leader. Bringing them out of their cocoon is a task, but motivating them through a design framework can get them triggered, to throw some great out-of-the-box ideas, that can act as a potential solution. At Inspirit, we facilitate our Design Thinking workshop by adapting experiential learning methodologies that bring out the best in you & your team.

Inspirit will help you seek opportunities to progress through tough times, an employee engagement solution that is fun, energizing & refreshing, while the entire team is exposed to fresh approaches to broaden their perspectives.


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