Corporate D.I.Y Yoga – An Essential Guide to Enhance Team Collaboration

Corporate D.I.Y Yoga

Every employee deserves the holistic benefits of Corporate yoga as a practical tool of empowerment, health, and physical fitness. With long working hours hunched over a computer, keeping phones glued to their ears, and rarely leaving our workspace for a break, these habits have taken a toll on our bodies and minds. However, this Corporate Yoga Guide has demonstrated a few D.I.Y Tips for the employers.

Imagine walking into an office of grumpy and dissatisfied employees daily. It’s unappealing and demotivating, isn’t it? Long hours and unreasonable deadlines lead to stress, which saps energy. Over a while, this deflates the mood and spirit at work. No wonder there are no smiles around. Employees often choose to work in a team that is happy, satisfied, and motivated. New-age and conscientious employers recognize the importance of happy employees in the workplace. This forward-thinking approach is as practical as it is humane. This is because employee morale is closely linked to productivity. It is to achieve this common goal that Corporate D.I.Y Yoga programs have been designed.

Steps to Design your Yoga Practice

Basic Stretches for Warm-up

The 10-to-15-minute sequence stretches the back, hamstrings, and hips. Think of this sequence as a maintenance plan, getting ready to focus that will keep your employees running smoothly towards the goals & objectives they have aimed for.

Yoga Asanas

Ergonomical needs change from employee to employee, as well as dynamic with time introduces strains in the lumbar spine, neck, and shoulder, and thus causes low backaches. Follow any 5 basic Yoga Asana per day & take it to perfection. Include focused inhaling and exhaling of breathing as an important exercise.

Cooling down

Use Pranayama techniques to calm your body and mind after a yoga practice session. Balancing work, just like your Yoga poses, helps us refocus one’s energy and attention to what is most important at the very moment.


It’s by sharing your experiences during this yoga session, that boosts the atmosphere at work. Listening to your colleague can remove the barriers in perspective and brings participants together with reverberated feelings.

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Top 5 Corporate D.I.Y Yoga Asanas Curated for Office Space

Wrist Stretch

Extend both your arms in front of your desktop with closed wrists, drawing circles in clockwise & anticlockwise directions. Open each of your palms facing up & stretch your wrist downwards with the help of the other hand drawing it as close as you can to yourself. Desk work builds up tension in the muscles and joints in the fingers, arms, and wrists, so a boost in blood flow to these areas is always appreciated. Try these stretches every 2 hours.

Neck Tension Release

While seated on the chair, sit straight up, interlock your fingers and place them behind your head with your palms touching your head. Now slowly use your hands to push your head down, so that your chin touches your throat. Ensure your back is up straight while you push your head down. Hold this position for 5-8 seconds. Now use your interchange the placement of your thumb to support your chin, sit straight, breathe and push your head up to touch your back, hold the pose for another 5-8 seconds before release.

Shoulder & Upper Back Triangle Pose

Jump and stretch your legs apart from your hips. Turn your right toes forward and your left toes out at an obtuse angle away from the body. Extend your arms, parallel to the floor with your palms facing down. Reach forward with your right arm while you hinge at your right hip. Lower your right arm to touch your right toe and lift your left arm toward the sky. Turn your gaze in the opposite direction as you gently rotate your neck looking up and down. Remain in this pose for 30 seconds. Then repeat the same on the other side.

Spinal Support Twist

Start with a seated position; bring your right foot along the floor outside your left hip. Bend your left knee and cross it over to your right leg so that you’re left foot is “fixed” into the floor to the outside of your right thigh. Lengthen your spine while you stretch and then twist your upper body towards the left. Place your left hand on the floor behind for support. Bring your right arm to the outside of your left leg. Turn your head to look over the left shoulder, or do gentle neck movements forward and backwards. Stay in this pose for 1 minute. Then repeat the same on the opposite side.

Lower Back Extension

Bridge pose is a relaxing way to start exploring spine extension, also known as a backbend. It’s a good idea to start incorporating this type of movement because it improves the mobility of your spine and counters the effects of too much sitting. If the bridge pose seems too intense to strike, try a supported bridge with a block. Remember to root into the feet, which help you use your leg muscles to support the pose.

Yoga Practice With your Team

How is practising Yoga with your team beneficial?

Only when our organization is healthy, we be better able to face challenges together and keep our best foot forward in whatever endeavour we undertake. Recent studies indicate that firms that offer Yoga as Corporate Wellness Solutions to their employees have reduced their expenses on various health insurance. Yoga activities with your team strengthen communication and trust between members. Bonding happens best when sharing an activity that is inspiring and fun while boosting health and happiness!

Corporate yoga is the best way to make everyone joyful, as well as has a wellness tinch to it. By providing effective relief from the mental and physical issues caused by work stress and long hours. Corporate yoga is an effective means to build teams; fire up morale, improve work performance, and boost concentration. Your employees will feel their health and well-being are valued by your organization. Customized classes by various corporate trainers have emerged to be the best fit for the needs of one’s company and employees. Practising yoga as a team, post extensive work pressures act as natural anti-depressants. It can be practised with the help of a yoga-practising colleague who can take up the role of an instructor, to guide them through this process, in their meeting space, cubicles, conference room, etc. to enhance team collaboration & morale.

Does Corporate D.I.Y Yoga Enhance Teamwork & Collaboration?

Yoga is not all about individual poses. Sessions can include poses that can only be achieved by working with a partner. Such partner work exercises boost support, trust & loyalty toward the team member. Initiatives that make an entire team take up Yoga pose challenges, which require a whole team to move across the space in a fluid movement. When you weigh the different advantages of this practice, alongside various strains and tensions experienced by one’s employees. It’s indeed a time to give them a break, to rejuvenate. The sharper the sword, the more focused can it achieve its target. This option of Corporate Yoga is an excellent form of team building activity, to improve cooperation between friends and colleagues, or just as a fun and relaxing session. All poses are accessible to all levels, while at the same working on coordinating movements with a partner helps to get deeper into some poses than you can by yourself.

Experience the joined forces of Corporate D.I.Y Yoga & Team Engagement

Inspirit’s Corporate Yoga Trainers strike a perfect balance between Yoga modules along with employee engagement as an additional feather on the hat. If you are planning to reap the benefits of team collaboration, higher productivity, team building, and Employee Wellness, we are here to craft a tailor-made Corporate Yoga Edition for your organization. We understand, that organizing these Corporate Wellness modules can be tiresome, but don’t you worry Inspirit is here to give you creative & convenient wellness solutions just a ring away.

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