How Can Virtual Learning & Development Help your Organisation?

How Can Virtual Learning & Development Help your Organisation? | How to Motivate Your Sales Teams: Activities and Strategies

Learning & Development is the New Normal when it comes to Corporate Growth & Sustainability. Many organizations overlook training modules, but it can be viewed from a broader perspective under the aegis of employee engagement & motivation. L&D is the current lifeline that can help us sail through. This blog highlights the recent trend shifts that can help us be better prepared with enhanced Skills & Mindsets to face tomorrow.

The Concept of People Management is Evolving! Technological advancements are redefining the future of Virtual Learning & Development in the current phase. Understanding your workforce across generations can be a boon. To plot an example, a millennial employee is ambitiously looking forward to a career growth trajectory, whereas another experienced employee of your firm can equip himself with new tools to speedup up his processes. Who would like to be better equipped than none? Organisations should opt for a flexible open career model, along with a couple of trends emerging this season.

  • The modern career drift is more of a continuous learning journey rather than a stagnant position of the phase you live.
  • Identify the growing importance of workplaces to be Training hubs & can collaboratively enhance Personal Development.

Now is the time to meet the demands of your employees & not just your customers. Learning & Development is an essential dose of boost that one can provide to your hard-working employees.

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The Virtual Learning & Development Fundamentals

Paving a Clear Career Trajectory

Learning and Development is a mechanism to keep your employees updated according to the new transformations in the industry. Keep learning to let innovative juices flow free. With new learning comes the power to march towards progress. Leverage this L&D opportunity to upscale one employee’s skills, knowledge, and competency, which in return can account for better productivity & performance. Learning is the acquiring of knowledge, tools, skills & attributes. Development helps in broadening the vision of an individual’s & team’s goals. L&D has the power to change your behaviour towards a situation, a task, the team & the organization. Make the growth trajectory visible to all the employees. The only cape that can save the economy during these untoward times is your most valued asset – The workforce.

L&D Triggers Teamwork and Cohesion

We find employees not sharing a social bond beyond professionalism. When people mingle with colleagues in a team while interacting with an L&D Module, they tend to keep aside their thought perspectives. Giving it a boost on the team operations effectiveness. Acquaintances in a team tend to collaborate their best to achieve a greater output as compared to sessions framed for individuals. The attributes of discussions, brainstorming, communication, resolving, supporting, debating & forming a final stand as a team can build a strong bond amongst the workforce. As per the survey of SHRM, 77% of employees stand that their relationship with their colleagues is an important driver of engagement & motivation. With the acquisition of skills & tools, individuals can greatly contribute to the overall performance of the organization.

How does Training Modules Impact Employee Engagement?

What makes an organisation a Great Place to Work? A perfect play of time can help us explore, evaluate & explain to us the different aspects of the employee experience map. By measuring the Employee Happiness Quotient & Satisfaction, we find employees are more than happy o step out of their routine to learn & unlearn a skill that can help them progress at work & move efficiently. In a world that has replaced hard work with smart work, learning & development push every boundary to be a relevant resource with the right set of skills. Many employers tend to look at this domain as a risk, but the new normal adds the view of an essential practice that can add value to your people as well as the organisation. Remember the crux of a Best Employer attracts the Best Employees, the more training you give, the more productivity is reaped.

Plan the Best Suited L&D Program

I. Analysis

An Employer should first plot the Organisational goals, along with Functional objectives that can have definite key results attached. Competencies of employees, Personal analysis is a must to understand one’s demography and needs before you introduce an L&D Module.

II. Plan

It is highly essential to translate training into practice. These objectives serve as the starting point for the design of the training’s content and the methodology followed to impart training. The active dosage of these modules across a year can have a better impact on the employees.

III. One Size Does Not Fit All

Training methods can either be trainer-centred or trainee-centred. Pacesetting, referral handouts, active exercises, and many more factors are some of the detrimental factors. Each department might have a different set of needs that has to be catered to, and each learning and adopting style might vary, thus a flexible yet customized approach has to be conquered.

IV. Post Event Engagement

Does your training have an everlasting impact? How do make sure, employees take learning to their work tables and eventually combine them in the tasks assigned to them. In-cubicle training at work can have prominence more than just theoretical expression. We believe the place of work can be an office or even home. Post-event engagement & deliberate interaction with the employer is a necessity.

V. Tracking Progress

Linking learning and career growth to employee interests and aspirations. A Simple yet powerful way to make operations transparent is to view every employee’s way ahead. Career Growth Trajectory is one of the major reasons that can hinder talent retention in an organization. You can start today.

Virtual Learning & Development in the Virtual Set-Up

Leading the Way Ahead

Over 90% of the Corporate Workforce is currently operating from home. An HR’s concern is to ensure an excellent employee experience event during such unprecedented times. Taking proactive steps at the right time for your employees can surely put a brand in a good light. This incubation time should be carefully invested in upscaling your assets, in the form of service improvements on a personal as well as a professional front. With technological advancement, this L&D module can go digital. Such digital platforms are more effective in terms of interaction, post-session engagement, tracking & customization of the session. Let’s keep the morale and spirits of our employees high while employees Work from Home. A boost in employee motivation can keep all of them engaged & happy at work. This platform can also be leveraged as an employee connect program since connecting with colleagues is crucial while working remotely.

The Inspirit Way

With struggles and uncertainty around the corner, we help you sail through this rough tide. Inspirit’s Employee Growth & Virtual Learning & Development Modules consist of a range of subjects ranging from Leadership, Personal Branding, Corporate Wellness, Employee Nurturing, Motivation, Design Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Unlocking Inner Potential, Financial Wellness, etc. Our sessions are curated as per Organisations and its People for the better impact that can trace effective performance. Reach us out for a Transformational Experience.

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