Building Cross Functional Bridge between departments

Building Cross Functional Bridge between departments

Creating and fostering a culture of teamwork requires trust, collaboration, and accountability. A fun & collaborated team engagement solution that has shifted every employee’s perspective & established brand connect. Team Outbound in an energetic environment is a great opportunity to bond with your colleagues as well as your managers.

The Big Idea

Developing High Performing Teams

From corporate groups to remote employees and everything in between, the key to a strong business is creating a close-knit team. In this comprehensive case study, we look at how real-world organizations benefited from team building, outbound training programs, and coaching programs tailored to their exact needs. Michael Dell, the founder and CEO of DELL Computers, believes that business is all about building teams and building talent in the organization. According to him, it is the most essential component of success as a diversity of ideas and input helps a lot in making better decisions. As more and more organizations move towards a team-based approach to work, the command and control style of leadership has declined over time. A team-based approach is expected to improve efficiency and productivity levels in an organization. However, the process to transform this strategy into reality is surely a hard nut to crack. Building Cross-Functional Bridge is a necessary step for every organisation.

The Problem

Communication Barriers In the Organizational Structure

A globally-renowned investment research firm faced few corporate complications that include communication barriers between various business unit managers, reduced scope of collaboration amongst departments, disconnect between colleagues, etc. With research & analytics always ticking you while you are at your cubicle, with monotonous routines & an extreme urge for a break is felt, with dropped shoulders, no buzz in the air, less number of smiles on their faces, etc. Building Cross Functional Bridge in a demographic mix of fresher, management, senior analysts, and junior engineers separated across hierarchy and departments, holding together these counterparts seem important. Though a perfect blend of workforce was being managed by the brand, it was highly necessary to get them all together, to achieve the brand-aligned goals collaboratively, to forget all their workload, strike off differences & getting together to know each other as a friend.

The Solution

A Team Outbound with Interaction Zones & Pool Party

Understanding the innumerable tensions that prevail in the corporate world & knowing ‘Change isn’t easy.’ We structured a tailor-made approach for them, to overcome this hurdle & assist them to grow in the industry by leaps & bounds. We use our experience of working with different types of teams and delivering specific objectives to suit the needs of every individual in the group. A comprehensive team development program was curated for the firm. This helped both team members and leaders understand how their unique group dynamic can work together to build a more effective team and achieve sustainable results.

Focusing on the need to emerge with practical team strategies for the project, our team managed to simulate a project together which accurately reproduced the challenges of getting a unified result across major differences and legitimately different business priorities. The goal was to develop a set of practical, tested, and shared strategies to get a complicated job done on time with the same zeal even when an employee of a team is put alongside another who he/she has rarely interacted with. Amongst a lot of L&D mythologies, gamified communication-based activities & interactive ideology were adapted to execute this team outbound. Various experiences were designed to leverage interaction amongst teams right from sports competitive zones to an unwinding bar, unwinding pool party, etc. to end the team offsite on a high note.

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The Outcome

Impactful Results Achieved

The entire team of a revolutionary Investment Research Firm witnessed a transformational get-together in the form of a team outbound in a plush resort property. Inspirit ran a practical program that, got everyone enthused, involved, and laughing. We delivered a set of concrete results when it came to the workspace culture changes and positive outcomes for the employees. All the happy faces were able to celebrate their team’s successes and give everyone a positive mindset for the future.

In terms of employee interaction, sparking grapevine communication, leveraging team spirit & enhancing the attributes of trust, accountability, etc. did observe a notable shift post the team outbound. We made sure every employee was actively engaged to understand their individual role during the offsite. Thus, the team back in the office has been connecting more one-on-one with people to explain their roles & expectations. The impact seen within the organization has been multifaceted, as results can be derived via multiple channels. Our objective to bind every employee into this team bond in a fun-oriented fashion has been successful through this team outbound adopted by the firm. As they look forward to taking tiny steps in the broad arena of employee engagement & achieve the objectives set for the team. They have decided team-building sessions to be a regular routine, thus building a cross-functional bridge!

Team Inspirit has always put its best foot forward to design customized solutions for every corporate. If your organization needs an expert to help you transform the workspace employee mindset with an equal amount of fun, laughter & nostalgia, you have stepped right.

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