Engage Your Team in an Exhilarating Surgical Strike Activity in India

Embark on a team-building journey with our Surgical Strike Activity in India, where strategic planning meets adrenaline-fueled execution, ensuring your employees bond and excel like never before.

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Learning #1

Resource Management

Learning #2

Competitive Spirit

Learning #3

Situational Leadership

Surgical Strike (Catapult Building)” is a dynamic and strategic team-building activity. Participants are divided into teams and provided with a set of resources to construct a Roman Catapult. Their mission is to collaborate, plan, and assemble this intricate war machine. Throughout the process, teams brainstorm, problem-solve, and test their creations for accuracy and effectiveness. Once the catapults are ready, the excitement peaks as participants engage in a shooting competition. This activity not only hones engineering skills but also emphasizes teamwork, communication, and adaptability. Participants learn to strategize, execute plans effectively, and face challenges head-on. “Surgical Strike” ultimately embodies the thrill of creation, the importance of precision, and the joy of healthy competition, making it a memorable and instructive experience.

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