ABCD Model of Personal Branding

There is no shortcut to achieving success, because you have the power to carve a life of your choice. An influential article written by a Certified Image Consultant & Corporate Trainer Greeshma Thampi. She has expressed the Significance of a Personal & Professional Brand through her experience of training Industry Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Celebrities. ABCD Model of Personal Branding is a wonderful way to c

During this period of Lockdown, employees seek motivation and personal growth under the umbrella of the Organisation. It is our responsibility to stand by – Train, Improve, Develop & Learn attributes that can build a stronger Personality as well as a Supercharged Brand.




The ABCD Model is essential for every organization today to sustain in a Virtual Setting. Appearance, Behavior, Communication & Digital Impression.

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AuthorGreeshma Thampi is a certified Image Consultant and Corporate Trainer practicing for over 9 years. She has conducted over 800 workshops addressing close to 15,000 participants in India and Internationally. She also conducts very niche one-in-one coaching for C-Suite Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Celebrities.
Greeshma Thampi

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