A Leadership Tale: Leaders are not Born, they are Made

A Leadership Tale: Leaders are not Born, they are Made

The myth to common belief is leaders are born and leadership is a position of power, will be catered to in this article. Leadership is driven by the attitude of flexibility and beliefs that shape our thoughts and actions. Leadership is much stronger and more subtle; it’s where people who look up to you accept your belief and values.

A Leadership Tale: Is Leadership the Destination?

Time for a quick Leadership Tale. During my recent performance assessment session, one day when I wrapped up my meet, a colleague of mine reached out to me and said I want to talk to you on a matter of utmost concern to me. “I have been associated with the organization for close to a decade now,” he said without any enthusiasm though, “I have been a hard worker, carries relevant experience and expertise and holds the title as well. But I have had no luck to justify my role with the position,” he said while expressing his agitation. Some of my peers managed to get there, but where am I heading to? He said with a heavy tone. I am desperate to change my life and would like to know more about what can I do to get into leadership? His concern reminded me of thousands of people in the workplace who have similar issues. While some people are talented and great workers, and still grapple to step into leadership roles, then there are others obsessed by their “designations” and wants a role, despite not having the right kind of skillsets. Leadership starts and ends with you.

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People believe leadership is about position and power and once you stepped up things are smooth. They get smitten by the leaders’ lifestyles, but its exactly the opposite. Effective leadership is about listening to all voices, respecting people’s time, making people feel comfortable, and making sure people are treated fairly- and that they know they are treated fairly. It’s about building a culture of transparency and trust. When Employees are trusted, they break their shell and outperform, micromanaging and take away their personal space. Leaders never believe in exponential growth. They never rush to simply get into the next level. They don’t get too comfortable with knowledge and success. They push themselves to learn continuously and to come up with new ideas. An avid reader and curious to know more.

A Moment to Pause & Reflect

Last weekend, I thought of utilizing my time to reflect upon my learnings from the world of Human Resources. One bit which stood out clearly was the concept of “Adding on.” It’s about embracing flexibility which widens the mindset rather than being rigid. As they say “The most dangerous phrase in the language is- we have always done it this way”; well who knows we may even find new and exciting opportunities along the way, we didn’t know existed, that might benefit us in ways we cannot even imagine. Growth comes from change & change is the only constant!

A Leadership Tale

A Leadership Tale: Leaders are not Born, they are Made

Adding on as a Leader!

Adding on multiple options: when we add more meaning, more options arise. Rather than saying “only this or nothing else” how about exploring more options or maybe all the way to Z. Well, a leadership tale is rather unspoken but lived, but how does one give it back to the society. This is where adding on comes into the limelight. I have enlisted a few of the ways one can add-on to as a Leader.

Adding on multiple meanings: be it perception about ourselves or others, we often tend to have precision. Challenges arise when human limits. It cannot be always one definition of anything. How about adding diverse meanings?

Adding on networks: well this may not immediately impact us but certainly holds a broader picture. From personal to professional, building the right network has always benefitted us in a way or another.

Adding on skills: the major transition for most students and working professionals requires balance and right skills. The skills level of any workforce has a direct and measurable impact on efficiency and profitability.

Adding on relevant actions: it’s quite strange, but we often limit our actions by limiting options. We may get trapped in a self-realization forecast which may prove our delimiting definitions options.

Adding on can be a reviving experience and one can get smitten by it. It unleashes a lot of positive energy and enhances one’s productivity. So let’s keep Adding On.

The Inspirit Way

This Leadership Tale talks about real-life examples faced by HR every day. It is very important to raise the bar a level high, to be self-contained with the skills & hard work one puts in to complete a task. It is important to be a good employee to a manager, but what is more important is to be a resource that adds value to the system. Let’s Add on to our skills, our thoughts, & our being during this work from home regime.

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