7 Employee Engagement Ideas for Virtual Christmas

7 Employee Engagement Ideas for Virtual Christmas

A year to always remember 2023! This is a year where a lot of our beloved ones cannot get together for a Christmas Party, but rely on digital tools to celebrate. Virtual gatherings has been the new hype around with social groups, corporate, friend circle, religious groups, etc are following these days. We have therefore enlisted few fun team engagement activities to celebrate Virtual Christmas this year.

Virtual Christmas events help you maintain natural & strong bonds with colleagues, friends and family unrestricted to physical or social distance. Online festivities are the only mode to maintain normalcy and a feeling of living filled with celebrations has to take place through different formats. Let’s face it, a virtual employee engagement event, an organisation can quickly re-energise the employees in a fun manner. Leading to higher productive hours, sense of purpose & belongingness in the organization, as well as striking off boredom from their daily routine.

Willing to create a new holiday tradition? 2023 is the year to do so. Browse through some of our below ideas to be the best virtual party host ever. Remember, these ideas can be inculcated with any festive celebration, by customizing the intricate elements, subject, theme, etc.

Ideas for Virtual Christmas Celebrations with your Team

1. Christmas Treats- An Amazing Christmas Team Challenge

Why can’t Corporate Festive Parties be the same this year? With social distancing and work from home arrangements becoming all so common, the traditional holiday office party is being shelved for something safer. Sourced Craft Mocktails has a way to take the fun holiday office party online for a fun, safe and engaging way to connect your entire team.

Sign-up your organization up for a Virtual Winter Holiday Party, and Sourced deliver custom kits to your employees’ homes to create an online event that is interactive and will make your team feel appreciated.

2. Find Santa Virtual Christmas Escape Room- Celebration with your Team

Missing the times, you used to celebrate Christmas with your colleagues? We have an exciting, collaborative, & interactive game that can be played with your colleagues working remotely. The Let’s Roam Virtual Game Night includes one hour of a planned and expertly executed virtual escape room that will get employees laughing, making memories, and most importantly, bonding and boosting company culture. Investigate a physical escape room through your game guide—someone rigged with a live camera feed—as your eyes and ears. Use your guide to explore the room and, with hope, make your escape.

3. Virtual Drum Circle- Celebrate Christmas with Drum Rolls

Bring professional musicians & comedians to your virtual employee engagement Christmas party. This funny Improv evening can be topped with a Virtual Drumming Session. These sessions get even the most introverted in the room contributing, creating a laugh out loud experience where everyone is engaged. This is the time to collaborate with this entertaining game, the key to resilience and innovation!

Give your virtual office party some in-person flair by sending a gift box full of edible, tangible, delightful themed treats, perks, and goodies.

4. Secret Santa- Unlocking Happiness

Party without Surprises & Christmas without gifts is a rare sight. Why miss out on the Secret Santa Celebration. For example, you could send sunglasses, a custom beanie and camper mug for the winter holiday season, or a box of wholesome snacks for Thanksgiving. For this virtual party idea, each guest has to bring a random, ridiculous, weird, hilarious or otherwise traditional gift. All you have to do is have guests open the gifts, and voila — you’ve got instant hilarity with minimal planning and fanfare.

5. Zero Waste Festive Celebration

The holiday season is all about giving, receiving, feasting, decorating and spreading cheer. However, global statistics show that people tend to generate more waste during the holiday season more than any other time of the year. But we believe that this doesn’t necessarily have to hold true. And that’s why we curated a special workshop on Zero Waste Festive Celebrations to share simple tips and tricks on how you can extend love to your near and dear ones as well as the planet!

6. Origami Christmas Crafts- A Fun Way to Express

Origami Christmas Crafts, a Fun Way to Express yourself this auspicious occasion. Let’s think out of the Box, to shape, fold, flair up a piece of paper into an excellent piece of art. This seems to be an easy challenge, but the series of facilitation to make an origami Christmas Tree or Bell a can be quite a daring task. Be a part of this workshop with your family, to wind up your Christmas decor at home, with your own hands. Join us for our Creative Expression Module!

7. Business Storytelling – For Effective Performance

Stories can Inspire one in exceeding one’s goals, stories can help one in bringing down the stress level by expressing what’s within in a more creative and a palatable way, Stories can play a role in building strong bonds with colleagues, friends and family. At a Professional level, Stories can play a big role in client negotiations, stories can play a role in team building, Stories can play a role in sales pitches, Stories can play a role in Brand visibility through content marketing, etc.

So let’s make a New Year’s Resolution to kick start a happy, healthy & fun-filled life. Its indeed the time to be jolly.

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