5 Virtual Christmas Celebration Activities with your Team

5 Virtual Christmas Celebration Activities with your Team

Virtual Christmas Celebration & New Year with your Team has now become the new normal of this year. The question that arises is not about ‘How do we celebrate Virtual Christmas this year, but rather it is about ‘Is it possible to have fun virtually with one’s team?’ Inspirit’s curated D.I.Y Celebrate Festivities Virtually Segment has bought 5 Simple Ways to Celebrate this Festive Season.

Virtual Christmas Celebration and New Year Activities

Christmas is a time full of happiness, joy and love. It brings people together, unlike the current times where we are all socially distant from each other. Though we will be continuing remote operations for a while, there are many ways to celebrate the Christmas season digitally. The Winter Christmas & bright New Year provides a perfect opportunity to host virtual events that are much more informal than any of our traditional B2B virtual events or meetings. This is the time, to be more innovative to add a touch of the gala to our monotonous WFH regime.

Christmas, unlike old times, will look a lot different this year, but that’s no reason to cancel the festivities. Whether you’re avoiding travelling to your winter vacation or doing your part to social distance, virtual Christmas parties are the perfect way to stay connected while you are still away from your family & friends.

Top 5 Virtual Christmas Celebration Party Ideas

To celebrate a virtual festival, all you need to do is plan your Christmas look from the waist up. From family-friendly activities to Digital Corporate Christmas, read ahead for our Top 5 Virtual Christmas party ideas for your next social gathering or corporate party/ meeting. The Virtual Vibe is special just like virtual office holiday parties should feel more special than a typical meeting, you should make your virtual Christmas party feel just as festive as an in-person bash.


1. Christmas Treats

One of the best things about Christmas is sitting down with your family and enjoying some amazing food. This is the time of the year that most people go that extra mile. They all want to impress their family! I’m sure that your audience would love to learn some recipes from a chef that they can cook during Christmas! Let’s indulge in a quick sweet-making contest, while we share smiles & giggles.

2. Virtual Office Christmas Games

It’s holly-jolly Christmas time! Organise a Virtual Winter Office Olympics that includes some popular board games, Christmas Picture, Guess that Carol Tune, Movie Trivia, Christmas Charades, Speed Wrapping,  Scavenger Hunt, Virtual Bingo, etc. Such games add some hype to the WFH environment especially when colleagues & family play these games together.

3. Virtual Secret Santa

Missing out on the most practiced tradition of the New Year. Let’s organize a Digital Secret Santa for your team. After nearly a year of video calls rather than face-to-face contact, the last thing a team wants is ‘another Zoom meeting’.  To combat Webinar Fatigue, our virtual Christmas parties involve huge levels of participation.  A lot of them also include surprise packs that everyone receives during the digital meeting.  Every experience is very different to a normal Zoom session.  You’ll notice the difference as soon as you log in!

4. Artistic Festive Vibes

This New Year let’s decorate our houses with ornaments that we make together as a team. Making a Christmas tree, shooting Star, Santa Claus, and Mistletoe with just paper, cardboard & glue can bind your team together. A box of tiny beautiful ornaments can add a vintage touch to your Christmas tree. This time, it’s time to make the best out of the waste. Add colour to your festivities this year!

5. Zero-Waste Living

The holiday season is all about giving, receiving, feasting, decorating and spreading cheer. However, global statistics show that people tend to generate more waste during the holiday season than at any other time of the year. We believe that this doesn’t necessarily have to hold true, & that’s why curate a special module on Zero Waste Festive Celebrations to share simple tips and tricks on how you can extend love to your near and dear ones as well as the planet!

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