5 Ergonomic Tips for Working from Home this Pandemic

5 Ergonomic Tips for Working from Home this Pandemic

Ergonomics is a very important aspect in a WFH Employee’s Life. It is not about the quality of work you deliver, but it is about your health which is at stake. A healthy employee can deliver the best results, than an employee who has been facing a drastic burn-out. A series of stretches can be very helpful to realign your body posture back to normal & avoid straining your muscles, while you operate fro long hours of work. Put aside your workload to follow some of these easy DIY ergonomic hacks the Inspirit Way!

Employees are an integral part of the business. Now that all of them operate from home, the most common complication faced by all is the ergonomic strain. Thus, here are few ergonomic tips for working from home by Corporate Physiotherapist Dr.Priyanka Palkar. She has curated a video to help us release some stress from our body, with some easy to do stretches. Realign your body posture & stretch out your stiff muscles to relieve stress while you WFH.

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Medical Conditions with the Increased Ergonomic Risk

Common Medical Conditions like Cardiovascular (Myocardial Ischemia, Hypertension), Metabolic (Diabetes Mellitus) and Hormonal Dysfunctions (PCOS– Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) have a common origin Stress. I have been constantly emphasizing on it because some of us here consider the work as the integral part of their lives knowing the fact that it’s equally important to manage our expenses but forget to balance it well with your relations around. The imbalance of Work and Personal Space can lead to disturbance in the mental and social well being. Along with it, proper nutrition is not taken into consideration. Improper intake of Water leading to constipation and thereby increasing the risk of other health issues. The portion size of the meal is not correctly divided that can also lead to increased health hazards. Some of them even skip their meals just to complete their work, that’s even riskier than having a pack of Cigarettes.

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