Workshops & Experiential Learning

There comes a point when all your resources are yearning for a revamp. This is the season to organise a training program for all your employees to upgrade their skills capabilities. We are here to organise a tailor-made solution for you & your team.  Assemble all your employees for this enthusiastic Training workshop conducted by Subject matter expertise, to leverage their bond and cherish their connection with their fellow employees as well as the organization. During recent times employees and organizations are left with only one of the two options to perform or perish. To evolve in this fast-changing disruptive world, one has to learn to switch the gears of their mindset from fixed mindset to What Else Mindset. Stories can inspire one in exceeding one’s goals, stories can help one in bringing down the stress level by expressing with a more creative and a palatable way. Workshops & Training Programs can play a role in sales pitches, and plays a role in Brand visibility!

Leadership Workshops for Corporates

Do you notice the drooping shoulders & fading smiles around in your office? It’s time for a productive revamp! Opt for an innovative Training Program to improve & enhance corporate values. We provide solutions to keep employees energised through-out the event, with our team bonding games, fun ice-breakers & other fun ventures. Boost employee confidence, knowledge base, skills & leadership development routinely to keep your firm at the epitome of success! The workshops suggested are carefully designed to meet the needs of the digital ecosystem. We ensure to encapsulate fun, refreshment, knowledge & an overall gala experience during the execution of the virtual event. Understanding the current needs of the situation, the sessions mentioned above are the utmost needs of the hour explicitly designed to honour, encourage, motivate & celebrate every challenge an employee chooses to battle.

1 Year Organization Fitness Plan
Corporate Yoga & Wellness: A fun employee engagement
Secret Santa Gifting
Secret Santa Gifting – Unlocking Happiness through Gifts
Business Storytelling - For Effective Performance
Business Storytelling – For Effective Performance
Inner Wellbeing
Inner Wellbeing with your Team- Gear up for a New Season
Christmas Festive Treats
Digital D.I.Y Mocktail Workshop- Sip on a Christmas Party!
Christmas Treats
Christmas Treats- An Amazing Christmas Team Challenge