Sustainability Workshops For Employees

Building Positive Employee Engagement & awareness around environmental issues, kickstarting conversations around sustainability and inspiring positive climate action at the workplace are becoming increasingly important, and we at Inspirit  are helping organisations create this sustainability culture through our curated sustainability workshops and communications, and build positive employee engagement. Our sustainability workshops (offline and online) are an engaging platform to bring employees together, introduce new concepts, and help translate ideas to action. Each workshop is carefully designed to ensure that employees learn something new and develop an understanding of what they can do for the planet at a personal and organisational level, to spark change. Our workshops foster a learning environment that encourages individuals to internalise eco-challenges and actively seek solutions in their personal lives. We incorporate DIY components or perform live demonstrations to help participants translate ideas to action.

Employee Engagement through CSR

Have you felt like ‘sustainability’ or ‘corporate social responsibility’ are lofty terms, and you wish someone broke it down for you? Have you always cared about the planet but didn’t know how to contribute towards positive climate action? Whether your organisation has a focus on environmental action or not, building a culture at the workplace around climate action helps create meaningful connections with your employees, (especially the millennials and Generation Z) who are increasingly becoming more aware of environmental issues like global warming and plastic pollution.  And we’re here with fun sustainability programs to help your organisation get started on its sustainability journey, while making it as exciting, inspiring and actionable as possible! You don’t always need a superhero with a cape to save the planet from global warming. All it takes is some initiative and motivation to do your bit and inspire change. So, are you ready to help your organisation take its first step towards being planet-friendly?

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