Corporate Outbound Training Programs

After all the tight schedules, it’s essential to give yourself & your team some time to rejuvenate for the next season. A thrilling experience in the woods with your team helps to strengthen team bonding and gives them a perfect opportunity to communicate, collaborate and unwind outside the workplace. Join us for an exciting, creative experience during this team outbound! Step into a unique, immersive space and explore your creativity! Hit the bulls eye, with our curated set of team building activities for your employees to initiate employee engagement. Experience this fun filled team outing, because it’s not just about team building, it’s about building a purposeful bond amongst your army. After all the series of work, meetings, conferences & targets, your employees deserve a break from the monotonous life. We know it’s difficult to manage work – life balance in a busy city like yours. Grab this opportunity to take experiential learning to a new destination.

Corporate Team Outing

This serene season, experience nature at it’s best and take employee engagement to the plush green landscapes & rustic campsites. When was the last time you completely went off the radar, to reconnect with your colleagues? Long time? Never? Well, now is the time to make it happen with team Inspirit. Camping, adventure activities, team bonding energisers, and scrumptious meals, what more can you ask for?. We will build an experiential zone that makes the event enjoyable and fascinating for all our fellow crusaders walking amongst the woods to reach the camping spot. This Team Outbound will for sure shape up to a tranquil paradise! Openness to new experiences will widen up your employees’ motive towards the organisational Goals & Objectives Spring new friendship, squad goals & brewing hot coffee.  Transverse through the lush green rolling hills & settle in our soothing properties or camping sites for an adventurous experience. With our specialised facilitators, we guarantee you will be swept off your feet quite literally!

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